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Graphic describing Heather Prince's Fearlessly Moving Forwards programme, including a photo of Heather wearing a spotty top with her glasses in her hand

'If like me (and many more people!), you are the kind of person who repeats patterns in your relationships, whether it is attracting the same kind of unwanted partners, falling for unavailable people, attracting unrequited love... whatever your patterns might be. 

If you want to release them and welcome a new reality, one that you deserve, then enroll in Fearlessly Moving Forwards 90 day program. '

N. B. - Suffolk, UK

self worth

Discover the power within, build unshakeable confidence, and redefine your worth. Buy now to start your transformative journey to a more empowered and fulfilled you. Your path to self-discovery awaits – seize it today!

Trusting yourself

Practical knowledge, insights, tools and techniques to bridge the gap between the Spirit and the human world.  Giving you the action steps required to bring together both crucial elements, creating the life that you desire.

Moon Magic/Alchemy

Are you wondering how to harness the moon energies? Courses for using during the Full and New Moon


Are you new to meditation and wandering whether you can do it?  Opt in to this 5 day meditation challenge

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