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I'm Heather Prince, an internationally best-selling author of I am indigo, The Rainbow Within and Kids Fruit ebook, founder of the Fearlessly Moving Forward Method. I am excited to launch my newest book VIBE, a coffee table book, co authored with Jo Baldwin Trott. Our mission is to both awaken and empower you to your life of limitless possibilities, by raising your vibe. 


I've been teaching meditation and hosting workshops for 30 years and I've been featured in Expert Profile Magazine and appeared as a guest on many podcasts.  

Head and shoulder photo of Heather Prince smiling, wearing a cream sleeveless blouse
Heather's Books
Heather Prince's Connecting to our Ancestral Past book
Heather Princes' The Rainbow Within book cover
How to Let Go of the Past and Find Yourself book cover by Heather Prince
Heather Princes' The Fruit Book cover
VIBE book front cover
I am Indigo book cover
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