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About Me

I’ve stood where you are! Maybe not in the exact spot, but I can guarantee you I’ve certainly encountered my own fair share of professional and personal successes and challenges and I’ve even learnt to enjoy riding the waves!

At 50 years old, my ex said he needed space and it wasn’t me, it was him and he left, after 34 years together! From there I knew that his words were purely subjective and that I could either choose to play the victim or I could choose to take action and whole-heartedly believe that I could and I would prove to myself that I could live the life I wanted! Yet, these experiences often make us grow stronger and to this day ironically I am ever grateful.  Read more...

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"Heather is an extremely powerful and skilful coach. She has helped me heal and release so much. She is expert at getting to the heart of the matter. Thank you so much Heather. You are a blessing in my life."

Belinda. C, Washington, USA

Ways to work with me

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Empower your post-divorce journey with tailored 1:1 relationship coaching for women. As a seasoned coach, I guide you through self-discovery, emotional resilience, and effective communication, preventing the repetition of past patterns. Rediscover your strength, set healthy boundaries, and cultivate a fulfilling life.


Together, we navigate the path to personal growth, empowering you to build meaningful connections with confidence and authenticity. Transform your post-divorce chapter into a story of resilience, empowerment, and thriving relationships. Your brighter, bolder future starts here

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Embark on a transformative journey using the Akashic Records to clear your past life trauma.  Ancestral Clearing is a powerful process that liberates women from the shackles of negative energies, ingrained patterns, and limiting beliefs rooted in both past lives and their current existence. By delving into the depths of the Akashic Records, this profound practice unveils the hidden narratives that influence one's self-perception. Liberation from ancestral burdens paves the way for authentic self-love and empowers women to break free from generational cycles.

'The results that Heather presented were amazing. Ancestral Healing gave me a really good behind the scenes view of my ancestors and my family. She picked up addiction on my mothers side of the family and I realised the women are addicted to food. My grandma was grossly overweight and my aunts and cousins are.

I would highly recommend her services to any one who wants to delve deeper and heal their life as she removes the “negative” programs, that I wasn’t even consciously aware of.'


Kayla C, Essex, UK

My story continued...

I also learnt that in order to truly succeed, you need the right support network and tribe behind you in order to challenge negativity, fear and judgement. For me it was my family and friends. For you I will be your most supportive cheerleader and help you overcome the challenges to celebrating each success with you! Through these experiences your confidence will grow and you’ll begin to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says or what life throws at you!

My professional life to date has been uniquely varied and it is precisely because of my varied expertise and experiences that I am able to empathically understand my clients. I’ve worked in publishing, done book-keeping and trained as an interior designer for luxury properties.

Eventually with my varied experience, expertise and passion to support people to live to their highest potential, I decided to take the plunge to retrain and practice as a Spiritual Response Consultant (clearing the Akashic Records) and Personal Life Coach.

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Personally, I guess you could say I’ve experienced what most people experience; the highs and lows of relationships, the importance of a work life balance, the importance of facing my smallest and biggest fears, career and life-direction changes, the roller coaster ride of parenting, the void of empty nest syndrome, the joys of being a grandmother and ultimately valuing myself enough choose to live my life in technicolour!

Use my quiz to check if you are really ready to date again.


Heather xx

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'The most valuable lesson Heather has taught me is to become aware of the relationship I have with myself. This has had a huge impact on my relationship (with clients, family, and my ex), How I react and choose to experience challenging situations and the decisions I make'


Sharon B, New York, USA

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