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Case Studies

"I've worked with lots of clients over the years, with a wide range of interesting and amazing stories.  Take a look here to see the sort of cases I work with and how I can help."

(Names have been changed)

Heather Prince wearing a light blue sleeveless dress, sitting on a chair next to a log burner with candles on the top
Case Study - Fern

Here are one client’s programs.  I shall call her Fern.  Fern was having mental stress, emotional difficulties, and physical problems.  Her relationships were always a disaster and she had several health problems.  Fern had many of the problems commonly involved with clients, and her case presents a good cross section of programs that often must be researched and cleared.

She was running a negative motivation of Coercion. 

In a past life, she had the role of a mother superior,  Religious lives have high expectations and demands to be the perfect example, and they carry a higher negative charge if those expectations and demands are not fulfilled.

In that past life she was with a group of 48 priests.


She was accused of heresy and was burned. 

Heathers hand holding a dowsing rod over an open book

Her higher consciousness removed this energy from her Akashic Records and replaced it with good energy.

Some of the same energy was running in Fern’s current life.  Fern believed that she was coerced in that past life, and even more interesting, she believed that she deserved to be coerced in this present life. 


She was also running a program of self-punishment.


Fern had harmed a sister in a past life and believed she must punish herself for what she did.


So that needed clearing in her akashic records along with the negative motivation.


Knowing that she didn’t deserve to be coerced or punished and having that replaced with good in her Akashic Records, completely changed her vibe, alongside the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method, which worked with her conscious mind to bring about the desired changes in her life.  She was free to live a more successful, harmonious, prosperous, and happy life as she learnt to take responsibility for herself.

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