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When you let go, you create space for something new to happen. It's like having a closet of junk, things you no longer use or need.


Do you even know what's in there?


It's essential to stop and take stock of what you really need emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.


Our past struggles can weigh heavily on our shoulders. When we refuse to let go of the past, it holds us back and prevents us from living in the moment. And from being who we really want to be.


According to Eckhart Tolle, people create and maintain problems because they give them a sense of identity.


If you're able to let go and start accepting things as they are instead of how you'd like them to be, you'll find that you'll suffer less from the problems of stress, emotional ties to the past or future, frustration with others, struggles with loss, and succumbing to fear.


By letting go, you'll set yourself free


How to let go of the past ebook.  A book on releasing the past to fearlessly move forwards.  This is a digital product


How to let go of the past ebook

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