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How to ignite the power of your intuitive mind - a 6 week online course designed to help you use your intuition.  Guided meditations and workbooks. 


Do you believe in the power of intuition?


Do you rely on your ‘gut instinct’ in times when you have a very difficult decision to make?


Intuition is such a complex cognitive process and often a mysterious one. Pretty much every one of us has experienced a gut feeling – that unconscious feeling that tells us to do something without knowing why or how. And often, our intuition gives us very good results. Because of this, intuition has become a subject of scientific scrutiny over the years.


In his famous Stanford University Commencement Address, Steve Jobs told students not to let the “noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice” but rather, “Have the courage to follow your own intuition”.


Before, intuition has received a little recognition in the field of research just like many others that appear to have no scientific basis. But more and more experts, particularly psychologists and neuroscientists are giving credits to the role of intuition in human life.


So what is intuition? And how real is it?


There are many theories that seek to explain the science of intuition. Some experts agree that it results from the ‘chunks’ of knowledge and information our brain stores over the years, from the experiences we’ve had.


I define it as gut feelings with the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it. It’s different from logic or analysis. It is the process of “knowing without knowing”.


Our intuition serves as a wise compass that points us in the right direction toward a meaningful, fulfilling life. It is a gift that is made available to everyone of us. It may not have the answer to all our questions or the solutions to all our problems, but our intuition makes a great guide towards making better decisions in life.


Intuition is basically your inner insight that cares about your health, wellness and happiness.


  • Discover what intuitive type you are
  • Clear blocks in your way to your intuition
  • Becoming aware of how your body FEELS when intuition comes through
  • Recognise the signals that are for your greater good
  • How to work with your intuition
  • Grounding your energy




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How to ignite the power of your intuitive mind

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