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Your November Newsletter awaits

Welcome to November!

Here is my family, my big brother and I with my Mum in the centre, with her 6 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren

With the blink of an eye, my favourite month is wrapping up yet again. October was splendid, with so many family birthdays in it, but November is pretty great, too! It’s exciting to move forward into the holiday season with full force and get swept up in planning for the months ahead. And believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner!

If you’re not ready to start thinking about the new year, then there’s still time in the coming weeks to get those autumnal activities accomplished. My grandchildren have been to a pumpkin farm and had great fun! I trust you’ll enjoy some warm cider or tomato soup by a bonfire before winter takes hold.

October was an excellent month and I appreciate all of you who responded to my mini survey about the Hunch Club.

I’ve mainly been working for Mums who wanted healing for their children regarding their health and mental issues.  I researched and cleared any ancestral karmic shadows, which showed up as  poverty, illness and addiction. I also offer tools, such as to get the child to ….

write down a list of their heart’s true desires and review this list daily with a feeling of faith and gratitude – emotions that convert their wishes into reality. 

Then make a commitment to expect the best.  They deserve life’s richest rewards. 

I’m pleased to share that following on, the kids’ quality of life has improved and I love to receive feedback that the healing is working.

Here is a testimony….

” I came across Heather at a networking event, when I knew nothing else could help me. I felt as though I was guided for my child to have healing from her. I just knew it was Heather’s expertise in Ancestral healing would be what my child needed. After suffering with anxiety, stomach pain, constipation and anger issues, I knew we had to discover the root cause.  My child had sabotaging beliefs and Heather knew how to remove these limiting programmes that were running their life once and for all.

After Heather’s Ancestral healing, done virtually,  my child told me that they felt energised and it was like a massive weight had been lifted, it was just what they needed to combat all the negative that was running their life and also affecting me.  Heather is very professional who totally gets it and more. “

November promises some thrilling new projects as my colleague Jo Baldwin-Trott and I forge ahead with our “Vibe” coffee table book, all about the impact of colour in our lives! I’ll keep you posted.

Free November Meditation

Of course, the one of the main things this month that I’ve got to point out is the Free November meditation.  I’ve really been enjoying the creative process when I record these freebies!

People are literally craving to connect with their spiritual side without feeling like they’re being held down by the restrictive dogma that often comes from traditional organised religion and meditation is the Superpower that gives you access to your spiritual side and I’ve been teaching it for over 20 years.

Also, don’t forget to check out the videos on my Youtube .  They are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Make sure you go and hit subscribe  so you know right away when a video goes live!


As we get closer to the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with gift giving. But you

Merry Christmas!

know something that will always rock as a gift? Healing!

Everyone loves to feel better and an Ancestral Healing can be done by me for anyone, living anywhere.  And it’s an affordable gift option if you want to show someone you care.

Some Exciting News

You know I am one of the co-founders of The Hunch Club.  We are preparing a Webinar for you and would welcome any ideas.  Things that you feel afraid of or where you feel “trapped” in life.

Someone suggested a Webinar about “trust”, or do you need tools to be motivated in business or your life?

Or tools to grow your self esteem or self confidence?

Would that interest you? Please do comment or email and let us know.  We are here to serve you.

Where My Mind is At

Frankly, I’m sad to see October go. It truly is my favourite month of the year with the colours of Autumn.  I managed to spend most of it following my detox plan as suggested by Anthony Williams, Medical Medium, drinking my morning Celery juice and I had 2 colonic hydrotherapy sessions at The Angel Clinic in Loughton, where I live, which was not embarrassing and certainly removed the block keeping me emotionally stuck and I trust aligned me further along on the path of healing my h-pylori and candida!


November has a lot to offer. Thanksgiving is ahead, which brings memories of my time in Florida 6 years ago. And we have Guy Fawkes night – I love fireworks.  I hope your November is bursting with light and joy. The new year is creeping steadily nearer, so it’s time to check out your goals for 2018 and see if there is anything you can knock off your list before December’s end! This is a great time of year for assessing old goals, looking back on the year’s accomplishments, and thinking about the future. But above it all, don’t forget to enjoy the present and take it all in. Autumn of 2018 is nearly over forever, so make it count!

I wish you a marvellous November and I’ll catch you later!



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