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How to completely change your awareness

  • Do you know that for every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness?

  • Do you say you want to be happier and more successful?

  • But, are you unknowingly harbouring self-limiting beliefs that would prevent that from happening?


Your behaviour is a reflection of your beliefs. In fact, you’ve developed many lifelong patterns based on your rock-solid beliefs that certain things are true while other things are untrue.

Your beliefs aren’t necessarily congruent with universal truths or facts.  Your beliefs are about YOUR truths … truths that you will act from … truths that will shape your life in ways you might not even imagine.

There’s a popular saying that warns us that the biggest problems we face won’t come from what we know, but rather from what we know to be true that isn’t true at all.  I’ll take that a step farther:  when you’re not in touch with what you believe to be true, that lack of self-awareness will wreak havoc on your life.

Awareness gives you the opportunity to change … to adopt new more enlightened beliefs while letting go of the ones that are preventing you from living your highest life.

Over the years, I’ve uncovered some beliefs that I needed to let go.  


What I Used to Believe versus What I Believe Now …



Before:  Others’ opinions of me are more important than my opinion of myself.

Now:  Others’ opinions of me reflect their character, not mine.




Before:  Happiness comes from the outside

Now: Happiness can only be found on the inside.






Help sign

Before:  Helping others is my duty.

Now: Helping others is one of my greatest blessings.



Harm, Hurt

Before:  I’ll get hurt if I let my real self be seen.

Now: I’ll get hurt far worse by building walls.




Scales, weight

Before:  Being overweight means I’m defective and less valuable.

Now::  My weight has nothing to do with my inherent value.




 Before:  All love has to be earned.

Now: Divine love isn’t earned  –  it’s infinite and ever-present.





let shit go

Before: What I think of myself doesn’t matter.

Now: What I think of myself shapes my entire life … it’s critical!




Self-limiting beliefs might be below the surface

Not all of the beliefs I used to cling to were readily apparent to me.   For example, I didn’t realise how much I was basing my happiness on “outside” things and circumstances.  I thought the right man would make me happy.  Or the right clothes.  Or a … better car … or a better house.

I thought I’d be happy when I got the recognition I deserved from my family and friends.  I’d be happy when I lost weight.    I thought success, that would be THE key to my happiness.

None of it ever brought the deep happiness I longed for.  There was always something missing.   It was only through an inward journey that I realised I was responsible for choosing happiness … and that the power to do so was within me all along.

Yes, I “hear it” … I just sounded like Dorothy in the film “The Wizard of Oz” in her “what I learned” speech, but as mad as it sounds, there it is:  a new core belief for me is happiness is an inside job … and I’ve always had the power to access it all along.  I’m happy to say, this belief serves me far better than my search outside for happiness ever did.

power, red shoes, wizard of oz, dorothy

You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself


That’s why I recorded the “Meditation for Happiness” APP available on the APP Store.  I also share what aromatherapy oils help to raise your vibe, amongst other tools and tips.




Happiness Meditation App

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