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Welcome to February!

After last week’s blog, I trust that you have been carving out time for yourself, to prevent overwhelm. I certainly have and enjoyed spending time by myself walking my dog Angel. She loves to sit next to me when I’m working in my Energy Studio.

This month we are exploring blocks to love because so many of you tell me that you feel that you’re not ‘built for love’.

As if the kind of man or relationship you want isn’t possible for you – because you’re simply not capable of it.

Fear that there’s something deeply wrong with us is what keeps so many of us women from attracting and connecting to a good man who will love us – forever.

I’m here to assure you that you ARE capable – you’re more than capable. You CAN have a relationship that meets and exceeds your wildest expectations. You just need to learn a few key things to help get you there.

It’s like running a marathon. If you don’t do the training, you’re going to get very hurt and give up. You’re going to think you can’t do it. But you CAN. It’s the same with dating and relationships.

Have you ever heard of “muscle memory?”

It’s what happens to your muscles over time when you repeat a certain movement – your body starts doing the movement AUTOMATICALLY.

Like when you’re learning to ride a bicycle: At first, you have to really THINK about every aspect of what you’re doing – pedalling, sitting up, keeping your hands on the handle bars, etc

After a while and lots of practice, you just get up on your bike and go. It’s a smooth ride.

There’s hardly any THINKING. You do need to be aware of what’s around you, but you don’t have to be putting thought into how to actually ride the bike. You just ENJOY the ride.

And your HEART CHAKRA may be “blocked” due to past hurts or negative experiences, which may have led to preventing your love connection.

I will guide you to just get to FEEL your feelings and bring your man closer as a result.

That’s because, like muscle memory, learning to say I FEEL trains you to stop all the OVER-THINKING that can keep us from connecting to a man on a deep level.

Because you simply can’t connect with a man when you’re in your head – it can only happen when you’re coming from the HEART.

Join my 7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge

In this mini-challenge, you will discover that every relationship you have is a reflection of how you relate and interact with yourself. Your relationship with a friend shows you just as much about your ‘self -relationship’ as an interaction you have with a stranger. Each relationship and interaction are different, yet they each give you the opportunity to realise how much you love, accept, and honour yourself.

Single and ready to work on yourself…… YES I’M UP FOR THE 7-DAY CHALLENGE



My next weekend retreat is in GLASTONBURY on Friday 22 March (2 nights) until Sunday 24th March, at Apple Fairy Bed and Breakfast.

In this fun weekend, we will include a half day workshop. The fairy realms teach us to respect the world that we live in, nature in all of its glory, the animal kingdom and all living things. Nature provides for us all, humans, insects, and the animal kingdom alike. It has to be protected in order for there to be harmony and balance on the earth plane. Fairies are the guardians of the plants, flowers and trees, and every living thing and they can teach us how we can help to preserve and how to bring harmony into our own lives.

Fairies are playful and encourage us to have fun, enjoying all aspects of our lives.

Anything is possible if we only open our minds to the possibilities and believe.

The workshop runs from 10am – 1pm

£40 including refreshments and all workshop materials – deposit necessary to secure your place. Plus the cost for 2 nights bed and breakfast.

Contact me for a Booking Form. Space is limited.

Apple Fairy Outside Log Cabins

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Let’s Get To The Root!

Heather x

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