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With an ‘open heart’ magical things happen

Have you been asking for things from the universe only they haven’t manifested yet? 

We ask you this because if you don’t have an OPEN HEART and allow yourself to trust the process of what the Universe wishes you to receive. …

then you maybe blocking this MAGIC that the Universe wishes you to have.

Yes you heard right – that’s MAGIC!

This is so powerful because when you “ask”, you’re making a declaration that you’re ready.

However, we tend to interfere; we have no patience to wait for what we wish for OR

…we don’t trust in the Universe and we continue to take actions because we are very ‘action orientated’ beings.

But when you’re living your life in this way, you’re going to be constantly dissatisfied with outcomes.

What you need to learn and action is …

  1. Surrender to what you’re wishing for, OPEN your HEART to receive and stop controlling outcomes with an expectation.

  2. Stop interfering and exercise the muscle of trusting.

  3. You’ll achieve so much more by allowing GUS to do the work and create the magic it’s here to give you.

  4. Disregard and drop any negative habitual thoughts or patterns, that would prevent your manifestation.

  5. Allowing even more amazing things to manifest.

As I have mentioned, I am co-founder of The Hunch Club and we have created a “7-Step Intention Manifesting workbook” to help you improve your outcomes, so click the link below to get started…

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