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Unleash your inner warrior

The weather in the UK has been incredibly hot and the intense extremes bring focus to what is out of balance in our lives.

After the Solar Eclipse last week (12th July), did you feel any sort of crisis with your self-esteem, a relationship or an event?

This may be due to a self-destructive character trait such as:




In relationships, you may be the subject of, or the perpetrator of:





Events may include the breakdown of an appliance or car, theft, violence, or the destruction of a possession by people of a natural disaster. Things like this will more likely to happen if you have been stubbornly resisting change, or have engaged in some habit that is destructive to yourself or others.

Things like this will seem to happen out of your control. In a way they help you to realise that you don’t need to have total control over others or your environment. Even though you may experience a bruised ego, there is also great potential for positives if you are open to change. Change may be forced upon you, or better still, you may instigate it.

You are now being urged to transform for the better. To evolve your soul so that you may live a better life and experience more satisfaction. It is most common that this would occur through a close relationship, such as a family member, close friend or partner.

It’s a time of reflection about power and control in your life. If people have controlled or been manipulating you, then now is the time to let them go.

If you have been too controlling of others or situations then it is time to let go and understand that the only thing you can control is yourself.

Unleash your inner warrior and confidently stand up for your rights if you have been dominated or abused.

Intense determination, willpower and fighting spirit will help you overcome adversity, addiction or illness. Using the power of your mind, you can transform a personal crisis into a success story. Miracles are possible.

Trust your instincts and trust your spirit guides.

It is a time for potential and opportunity but needs conscious effort and hard work to manifest and avert a personal crisis.

Remember to get started on your transformation by opting in for a FREE Clarity Conversation for my 90 Day Core Transformation Course 

As I mentioned in my last blog, I will let you know when the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is available.  Meanwhile, here is another taster…. 

Meditation allows you to find clarity, reason and a feeling that, whatever is happening, it’s ok, you can deal with it.

When you meditate, all your worries about tomorrow or what happened yesterday, along with all the thoughts and feelings of anxiety and regret they often bring, can simply be let go.

You will feel more connected to an inner strength, more contented, more at ease with yourself. And more effective and creative in your daily life.

You will start to gain insight into the nature of human existence and such questions as, who am I, where have I come from, where am I going, and how do I relate to this world around me? This leads to the profoundest levels of self-discovery.

Practising meditation regularly can bring a growing sense of oneness with the wider world and a lessening of the constraints we impose on our lives through too much thinking about ourselves and how we wish things could be. It has also been proved to:-

  1. Lower blood pressure

  2. Improve blood circulation

  3. Lower heart rate

  4. Less perspiration

  5. Slower respiratory rate

  6. Less anxiety

  7. Lower blood cortisol levels

  8. More feelings of well-being

  9. Less stress

  10. Deeper relaxation

Today’s Challenge – BREATHE

Get into your posture that you practised yesterday, after turning off all distractions such as your mobile phone.

When you are comfortable, close your eyes.

Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.

Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

Notice the movement of your body as you breathe. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly.

Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity.

If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath.

If thoughts cross your mind, just imagine them like clouds floating in a clear blue sky and let them go, bringing your focus back to your breath.

Maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start….

Now bring your full attention back to the space from where you began.  Deep breath in and out.  Focus on an object wherever you are and in your own time, come back into your space.

How are you feeling?

Remember the breath is becoming you and

you are becoming the breath….. 

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