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The One Relationship….

Did you plan your next seven year cycle?

What did

 you discover?

Anyway, today Monday 21st January we have a total lunar eclipse. 

The Earth’s shadow covers the Full Moon, and while the emotional centre is obscured, our behaviour becomes more solar, showy and egocentric – eclipses dramatise everything.  There is a sense of abundance and growth, material and intellectual expansion.  I suggest you wait 2 or 3 days before committing to any important decisions in travel, business or relationships.  

So in this blog I’d like to focus on relationships, as they have had a strong focus in recent years – a lot of people have been clearing ancestral connections, attachments, wounds with and through each other.

One recent client had an ancestral shadow of BETRAYAL on her paternal side of the family going back 4 generations. Her ancestors had a block to “believing” at that time and their beliefs had created their reality.   They may have believed that they were victims of circumstances which caused them to feel stuck.  It was in fact the belief system (thoughts held in  mind) as well as the emotional energy that they attached to the belief that created more of the same.  Getting betrayed by someone is incredibly painful. There’s no other way to put it, really. Whether they were betrayed by a friend, partner or family member, feeling like a bond of trust is broken can send a person free-falling into anxious, circular thoughts .They may have believed that people are not “loyal” and can betray either one’s country, a group or a person, which set up the ‘program’ of “Betrayal”.This was being “played out” in her current life relationships.  Having an Ancestral Healing, removed this ancestral shadow from her Akashic (Soul) Records and shifted the current energy so “betrayal” would no longer play out.  

Many have very quickly formed friendships, partnerships, business relationships in order to do this, and so many of those have sometimes quickly blown up or changed fast in the past 2-3 years.

This is part of the clearing cycle around relationships, so lessons and learnings have been moving faster than before.

Are you ready to book an Ancestral Healing with me and clear up your Akashic Records?

So as the next seven years are in an elevation cycle, many of you are going to experience what I would call “the one relationship” more. It’s when we start to no longer feel a difference between the connection we have after a two minute conversation with a stranger that we’ve never met, and one we have with a person in our life that we’ve known for maybe 10 years.

It’s not that you don’t value the 10 year history that you have with someone, because that is its own thing with its own specific value. But in terms of the ability to connect with somebody, it’s actually all the same.

We are all human hearts, human souls, human minds, human bodies, and even if we don’t fully know each other’s stories (because we haven’t shared yet or developed that intimacy), we can be compassionate and connected to one another at an all new level when we start to adopt this way of being. So the one relationship, feeling that everything is one relationship, is birthing now and will be stronger than ever in the coming 7 years. Many of you are already experiencing this, but it’s on the increase for all of you. And for those of you who don’t experience what I’m describing often, that’s going to be something that will be more at the forefront than ever before in your next few years, so enjoy it!

Alongside that, it can mean that you trusting to speak your truth at the right moment is going to go on to an all time high in January, February, March – these first few months of the year.

It can mean you making subtle or dramatic changes to certain relationships is going to come to the forefront. And your relationship with yourself is paramount too, in terms of your honesty with yourself around things you wish to change. The good news is this energy of truth-telling will have a lot of grace behind it in 2019, so for most, it will become a more normal and rewarding experience than ever before.

This relates to your Throat chakra, which developed when you were between the ages of 7 and 12 years old.  It’s about having the right to be heard.

But the demon is lying and trauma to the throat chakra can come about by mixed messages, shouting, verbal abuse, alcoholism, secrets, lying and authority.  These negative energies can block the throat chakra.

So how do you know if it’s not balanced?

Fear of speaking

Weak voice

No musical ear



Problems with the throat, thyroid, ears, voice, neck or jaw.

It can be easily unblocked with Ancestral Healing, so contact me to book

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