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Secrets to fix your intuitive abilities

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Maybe your life was hectic, without any space in between for you to slow down but now we all have an enforced slow down…

Maybe your mind is cluttered, with decisions.

Stay with me.  This is for you.

A great tool that we all need to use as we move through these unknown times is our intuition.

It’s that knowing feeling, that instinct that speaks from your gut to tell you that all is well.

  1. Something told you to take a different route this morning on your jog or walk…

  2. To go back and check one more time…

  3. To say no

  4. To say yes

  5. To ask

  6. Let it go

  7. Or hold on tighter

Did you know that Albert Einstein called the intuitive mind a sacred gift?

He said the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten this gift, purely because we have not been taught or shown how to use it.

I am here to reignite that for YOU.

I wish to show you how to transform your life by tapping into your intuitive mind.

Maybe you wish to make an impact; be open to trust yourself and others; be non judgemental; be open to abundance; know you are worth it; have peace of mind, feel more harmony or be open to spirituality??

How will you feel when your life can reach the dizzy heights of success, abundance and financial freedom?

Did you know over 90% of your success comes from your inner power and your mindset?

A lot of the decisions and actions we make in our life stem from our gut or what some call it, our hunch.

By following our intuition, our inner instinct and trusting what we are feeling –  can change your life in an extraordinary rewarding way.

Following the guidance of our sacred gift and connecting to our intuition is like learning a new language, it does not speak to us in physical words. It does this through our dreams, symbols, synchronicity’s, our inner voice, emotions that bring us a gut feeling..

Did you know life is never withholding anything from you? 

There is unlimited abundance everywhere, trying to break through…  But sabotaging patterns and unconscious beliefs blocks it.  It causes us to either push, struggle or withdraw and resign – both of which block our abundance even more.

Are you with me, on this exciting journey to release all of this resistance and feel the freedom in your life, reducing stress, laugh more, live more and have a fulfilling life and be in alignment to create whatever you want?

If you continue on the path you’re on expecting different results and doing the same actions over and over again, then you’ll only get what we call a self fulfilling prophecy.

self fulfilling prophecy

A nurse has recorded the most common regrets of the dying, and among the top ones is ‘I wish I had grabbed an opportunity that was offered to me’.

Let me ask you this – What would your biggest regret be if this was your last day of life?

Many great thinkers, such as Carl Jung, have emphasised the importance of intuition and the impact it had on their personal and professional lives. They celebrated it as pre-existing knowledge and wisdom, resident in every one of us but often suppressed.

Jung went so far as to label intuition as one of four major functions of the human mind along with sensation, thinking, and feeling. By balancing all of these functions within ourselves, we have the ability to maximise our potential.

Intuition is also a means of accessing our creative self-expression, as seen in the works of artists, writers, and musicians. Nor, is it restricted to the creative arts. Many have achieved remarkable success in the fields of science, business, and entrepreneurship, due to their ability to ‘trust their gut’. 

Your connection to the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. This is why it’s such an amazing source of creative power, wisdom, and understanding. It transcends the realms of experience or reasoning.

I followed my hunch years ago when my third child was different from my other 2 and this resulted in my discovery of Indigo Kids, which led to my first book “I am indigo” and a healing system that clears the Akashic Records – the Soul Records.   I discovered that the first gift of Indigo Power is sensitivity and intuition. It’s called this gift “clairsentience” which means “clear feeling.” It makes them feel clear truth in situations and within people. They are an excellent judge of character.

i am indigo

And you have that ability too….

To opt in to the HOW TO IGNITE THE POWER OF YOUR INTUITIVE MIND 6 week program

Here are two reasons why your resistance to manifesting is out of alignment with your intuition….

  1. Emotions that are stuck, in reversal or frozen patterns which were picked up when you were a child may be affecting your life now.

  1. Not truly knowing what you want, blocks you to your desires. Creating a mixed signal message to the Universe being unclear, conflicted and even scrambled.

Here are some examples of our emotions that cause blocks and resistance in your energy system, delaying the receiving of and aligning to what you’ve been asking for:








Does that resonate with you?

These are all keeping you feeling stuck in resistance – or indeed on ‘PAUSE’ – whenever you feel uncertain about doing something, meaning you avoid situations and tasks that involve feeling ‘unsure’.

In the HOW TO IGNITE THE POWER OF YOUR INTUITIVE MIND, you will discover how to shift them so you can move forward with confidence.

In this developing intuition course you will:

  1. Learn how to quiet mental chatter and let you soul speak

  2. Learn how to hear your intuition more clearly

  3. Gain the freedom you have always wanted, and step into who you are here to be

  4. Receive an incredible and deep energy healing designed to help you quiet the mental chatter and bolster your intuition

What to expect following registration to “How to Ignite The Power Of Your Intuitive Mind”:

You will access video and audio recordings, including guided meditations and written, supportive assignments.

Instructions are provided in the recordings.

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