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Reconsideration, Review, Release & Re-start

It’s so easy to feel totally lost, confused and out of alignment with our inner peace.  If you’re feeling like this right now, I’ve created the 21 DAY PEACE CHALLENGE in March just for you.

I’ve felt like this so many times and so I originally created this challenge as a way to get myself out of the funk and back in the flow of peace.

“When you find peace within yourself.  You become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.” 

 My aim of this challenge is that it will help you to reconnect with your inner peace and get inspired to create the life YOU want, because lately you may be experiencing release of emotional energy that feels strange and out of character for you, because it’s coming from your unconscious self.

For those of you who like astrology, like I do, this is because Venus is retrograding.  This also happened 8 years ago and 16 years ago, so reflect back to 2009 and 2001 to see what is coming up for you.  Energy needs to be released so there is finally closure.

Don’t panic!  It may be surprising what rises to the surface now. Just know it’s a retrograde cycle, so it’s time for

  1. reconsideration

  2. review

  3. release

  4. re-start

The focus now is on our VALUE and WORTHINESS.


We all know that Venus is described as the ‘love’ planet.  Our life long search for love is actually about our search for ….

  1. value

  2. validation

  3. worthiness.

As Venus is in retrograde, it is now important to heal our value issues so we can fill the gaps and get real release and closure now. The retrograde reveals our value ‘needs’ and how they are or are not being met.  Then we can make changes.

So if you are in a struggling relationship right now, it may end or come to a new level of connection and alignment.

This doesn’t just happen with ‘love’ relationships.   It can even affect relationships with family, friends, acquaintances and partners, not just the romantic ones.

If we don’t feel valued we pour more energy into the relationship to fill that void.  Our self worth is a mirror of how others value us.  How important we are to them and how we feel worthy of their time, love and attention.

Every relationship creates psychic, emotional mental and physical imprints. These imprints create new beliefs and support those that we brought into this lifetime with our karmic history. Our imprints are very active, creating energetic messages that we send out to others, which act as magnets to attract corresponding energies that make them true. So an imprint of unworthiness will attract someone who will make us feel unworthy.

Are you looking for someone to take care of you?

You will attract someone who will not be able to or who is unwilling to do that. In fact, they will want you to take care of them.

Are you looking for someone to fill your need for love and attention?

The partners you attract will be as unloving to you as you feel about yourself.

So how confident do you feel on a scale of 1 to 10.  10 being high?

How is your self-esteem on a scale of 1 to 10.  10 being high?

How is your level of inner peace on a scale of 1 to 10.  10 being high?

If you answers are below 10, register now for the 21 DAY PEACE CHALLENGE  

  1. Low self-confidence is limiting –   Having low self-confidence will mean that you are unable to ask for what you want or set limits on what you don’t want.

  2. Self-confidence is empowering – Becoming self-confident allows you to be assertive, ask for what you want and set limits on what you don’t want.

  3. Low self-confidence is unattractive –with low self-confidence you might be projecting neediness and desperation. That is certainly not attractive.

  4. Low self-esteem is stressful – When your self-esteem is not high enough, you’ll be too anxious to please and you’ll hide your own thoughts and feelings to avoid disagreements. Your partner may not know who you really are, and, as a result, you’ll be unable to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

  5. Self-esteem is self-expression – With self-esteem you can express your own thoughts and feelings, and feel free to reveal who you really are. You will be able to tolerate differences and agree to disagree.

  6. Low self-esteem is self-destructive –Without self-esteem, you will lack the belief that you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. You will tolerate hurtful behaviour from others too often and for too long.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Upon completion of the 21 DAY CHALLENGE you will receive a BONUS ‘PEACE’ Mini-Meditation Video

PLUS the link to a FREE program Ancient Buddi ‘ME, MYSELF AND MY THOUGHT’ focusing on Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self Respect, Self Belief and Self Love


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