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Ready to attract your inner desires?

The first month of 2017 is already behind us and we’re over half way through February…can you believe it?

My Workshop ‘How to Let More Love Into Your Life’ last Saturday, opened up a safe space to talk about Love and the energies which were believed to follow Love into our lives….

being authentic









What the participants came to realise during the Workshop, was that we each need to “BE” love first and then all those other energies naturally follow!

Every relationship creates psychic, emotional, mental and physical imprints. These imprints create new beliefs and support those that we brought into this lifetime with our karmic history. Our imprints are very active, creating energetic messages that we send out to others, which act as magnets to attract corresponding energies that make them true. So an imprint of unworthiness will attract someone who will make us feel unworthy.

If you looking for someone to take care of you then you will attract someone who will not be able to or who is unwilling to do that. In fact, they will want you to take care of them.

If you looking for someone to fill your need for love and attention, then the partners you attract will be as unloving to you as you feel about yourself.

So the participants are now working on ‘Being Love’ and growing the love for themselves, rather than Doing (searching for the ‘one’) and taking action or Having  e.g. “If I have a partner who loves me, I will feel happy”.

Happiness starts with self.  In fact all of those energies listed above start with SELF! Then the person who comes into your life, can “enhance” it without ‘issues’, ‘expectations’ and ‘complications’.

So the question to you all is when next January comes around, how will your life look like?

Will you have achieved your intentions for 2017?

Will you be on track?


If you want to turn this around and finish this year as the thriving person you know you can be, then you simply must use the right inner tools!

You can have all the vision boards, Goal Maps, crystals, candles and perfectly worded affirmations, but if you are not using the things that actually move the needle to call in your desires – you’re not going to manifest them.

The most POWERFUL tools are the ones inside of you.

To manifest consistently with Ease, Joy and Grace you need to use these 4 core inner tools.

Perception: is the core root of how we create. Because our “reality” – as we see it, how we experience the world – is determined by our perception. It’s the most powerful tool, because outer changes in your life begin with a shift in perception. The key is to become Aware and this results in a catalyst for change.  So your perception of being a ‘victim’ (perhaps after redundancy or end of a relationship) can in fact be shifted to the perception of ‘Victor’, when viewed from a different perspective.  


Energy: Thoughts create our reality – and it does start here – but more than that, what we energise manifests. What we focus on, either consciously or subconsciously, grows. If you continue to give it energy, it will manifest into reality.  e.g.  Focusing on ‘lack’ brings that into reality.

Faith in Yourself: Faith begins with choices and following through with action. You are not your circumstances. Thousands of possibilities exist at any given moment. So, what will you choose to focus on to become your reality?

Choice: Choice allows you to call forth your manifestation from a ‘non-form’ into a ‘form’. All physical manifestations are the result of your choices.


I am passionate about empowering heart-centred people to meet their intentions.

And what gives me the greatest sense of pride, is when I see my clients experience internal breakthroughs, achieve quantum leaps in abundance, release life-long limiting beliefs about money and self-worth, and especially step into alignment on their life path.

So you might be wondering, what makes ME radically different from the noisy coaching market out there?

  1. I see my clients at a soul level, and reveal what’s infinitely possible for them, by discovering the ‘core root’ of their issues.

  2. My private 1:1 coaching and high level strategy training – transforming what once may have felt impossible or overwhelming, into elegant ease, empowered grace, simplicity, and divine flow.

  3. Masterful Private Mentoring & Coaching is at the heart of my signature programme, which is why my clients create such extraordinary breakthroughs.

  4. Because I know that strategy alone does not create the internal shifts needed to upgrade your reality to entirely new heights. 

I will help you create a whole new paradigm shift in your life.

Are you ready to:

✓ Let go of feeling stuck & overwhelm ✓ Press reset on your money mindset ✓ Step into alignment of your life path


Then I would love to clear your ‘road blocks’ with Ancestral Healing and be your Mentor to support you in making 2017 your most successful year to date. 

Find out more about my CORE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM  (Remember to scroll to bottom of page)

This intensive, one-to-one, three-month programme will transform your life at your core.

The programme will keep you mindful of your beliefs and your patterns of behaviour and reactions.

It will also enable you to manage how you interact with others and your life challenges.

Let’s Get To The Root


P. S. My next workshop is about Crystals and enhancing your INTUITION plus how they relate to each Chakra.

Saturday 25th February CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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