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The first month of 2019 is almost gone! Imagine if all remaining 11 months are going to go as fast as January and as intense. Would you then consider 2019 to be a successful year? Or are you feeling “blocked” or “stuck” in some way?

The feeling of intensity that we have gone through the last few years is universal and it is true. So, if you are somebody who is feeling knocked by the ripple effects of change around you, make sure you carve out time for yourself from now on, otherwise it can be overwhelming.

ripple effects of change

If you are somebody who feels you have been dragged under the wave, really get creational in the next couple of months and give yourself time to plan a very different future for yourself. Bring in new activities and a new way of dealing with your time and your choices.

Ask yourself:

  1. What do I need?

  2. How do I stay balanced?

  3. Am I looking after myself?

We never know how many days we have left on Earth. It’s always a stark reminder to me whenever I have death close to me that it’s very easy for us in our minds to put certain things off in life. The lady who lived opposite was found dead by her son last week and my friend’s sister has just died of a heart attack, so it’s a wake up call to grab life NOW.

Don’t put yourself off this year – trust that whatever it is that you are trying to drive toward in yourself, for your life, will actually also be for everyone else, because that’s often the excuse that sensitives and healers will make, “Well, I don’t know if this is really serving anybody else.”

Well, do it, give it a go and then see.

Because the dream energy that we have in our hearts is actually a dream for the whole planet, and is the healing key we all need at this time. When we activate our personal dreams, we become more connected to life. And that connection energy is then rocket fuel to others, as it ripples out from you, to everybody else.

Ready to clear your “stuff” that’s not serving you in your Akashic Records?

I would love to help you make changes in your life.

Contact me to book a virtual Ancestral Healing –

Weekend Retreat

My next weekend retreat is in GLASTONBURY on Friday 22 March (2 nights) until Sunday 24th March, at Apple Fairy Bed and Breakfast. 

In this fun weekend, we will include a half day workshop.  The fairy realms teach us to respect the world that we live in, nature in all of its glory, the animal kingdom and all living things.   Nature provides for us all, humans, insects, and the animal kingdom alike.  It has to be protected in order for there to be harmony and balance on the earth plane.  Fairies are the guardians of the plants, flowers and trees, and every living thing and they can teach us how we can help to preserve and how to bring harmony into our own lives.

Fairies are playful and encourage us to have fun, enjoying all aspects of our lives. 

Anything is possible if we only open our minds to the possibilities and believe.

The workshop runs from 10am – 1pm

£40 including refreshments and all workshop materials – deposit necessary to secure your place. Plus the cost for 2 nights bed and breakfast.

Contact me for a Booking Form. Space is limited.

Apple Fairy Outside Log Cabins

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Let’s Get To The Root!


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