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How to understand the power of VOWS

When I work with a client it is very common to discover that in a past or current life vows have been made.  The vows that we make, either consciously or without knowing we are making them, can and often do have a profound effect on our lives.

First, we make the Vow.  Perhaps it starts out as a New Year’s resolution to do some particular thing.  The vow becomes a Goal which we Reinforce with our Thoughts, until it becomes an Obsession.  More Reinforcing Thoughts causes it to become an Active Memory that may trouble us day and night because we have not fulfilled the vow.  Next, our Thoughts become Obsessive and a further strong Commitment is made and Emotionally Reinforced.  This brings about Results, although they may not always be of a positive nature.  We may chastise ourselves for giving up and not fulfilling our vows.  These vows then become Buried Beliefs and Solidified Patterns.

It is better not to make vows, but simply be who and what you are and who and what you are not.  Then work to bring about changes in your life that will benefit you and those around you.

A past client, who I will call Chloe (as everything I do is 100% confidential),  vowed to be just like her Mother who she had taken as role model.

It was discovered during Ancestral Clearing that Chloe had a vow of Subservicence, she realised that her mother was subservient to her husband and had abdicated her personal power.  She had Religious Vows of All Kinds and had Abdicated personal Love in order to follow her husband’s lead in all things.  There were also vows to follow outmoded traditions in which the husband was the only authority.  Her mother had many vows, which Chloe had unconsciously inherited!

When Chloe revoked all of these vows, she said she felt joy for the first time in many years.

Vows are sometimes made without our being aware that we have established them or even that we are in the process of establishing them, so it is beneficial to revoke them with Ancestral Healing.

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