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How to harness the power of the Spring Equinox

How do you feel after Equinox?

Have you felt the energy shift, as the seasons changed?

The Spring Equinox is significant because after a long and dark winter, the hours of day and night are equal for the first time this year – about 12 hours each.  The energies of new birth and creativity are at their highest as we look around us at nature and see the birds preparing their nests, the spring flowers blooming and the chicks and lambs born at this time.

Our ancestors, who lived by the movements of the planets, saw the sun as the source of all life and it inspired great awe in them.  Even as we make ourselves busy in a technological world and we find ourselves disconnected from nature’s influence and beauty, we are still sustained by that great ball of fire.

We can harness the magic of this time to open our heart to love. In the meditation group last night, we shared a hot bowl of Cacoa to enable us to open our heart fully.   Our Cacao ceremony was an opportunity for the participants to connect to themselves and open their heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase connection to the inner self and heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift that someone is working towards, whether they are looking to deepen understanding of who they are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space.

The Spring Equinox is when we see the results of the seeds we planted last Autumn and Winter.

All of us are on a journey.  Our lives may look different, but are probably more similar than we realise.

Now is the perfect time to honour all areas and aspects of your life and the circumstances that surround you.

Focus on acceptance and let go of any judgments about what you perceive is good or bad.  Shift your focus to honour the journey instead.

Celebrate how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown since last year.

Start thinking about what is next and what you would like the next few months to FEEL like.


I suggest you grab a cuppa and sit down with a paper and pen to make a list of all the feeling words you would like to create in your life moving forward and see if you can start creating those feelings in small ways every single day.

This year’s Equinox is the perfect time to honor the growth and the pain, the light and the darkness and all the experiences that have made you who you are today. It is the perfect time to love yourself and learn to find gratitude and peace with the journey you are on.


As this is a rather earthy time, I suggest you may wish to add the element of water to your life.


Water is cleansing – it allows for expansion while offering comfort and safety.

Run yourself a warm bath.  Light white candles and if you wish, add some white crocus or tulips in the bathroom.

Play soothing, meditative music. 

Add two cups of sea salt to the water.

Add essential oils: Rose is my favourite or  ylang-ylang, lemon, or geranium.

Float into awareness: alone but not lonely, free of demands, listening to your own heart. You have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Bring to mind the number 13 – the number of the Goddess, bringing the gentle power of the feminine. 

Slowly begin releasing the things that no longer serve you, such as worry, doubt, fear, bitterness, hate etc.  

Let the music wash over you.

When you’re done, let the water empty and become aware of how you feel: full and inspired, yet calm and without worry.

Bless the water as it goes down the drain, taking all you’ve released with love and without expectations.

Nurture yourself and massage your skin with your favourite moisturiser or coconut oil.

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