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How to bring about positive change now

Yesterday evening, Sunday 16th October was a rare super full moon which can bring about some positive change to your life.

Clear Communication

Now is the perfect time to stand up for ourselves. Most of us avoid conflict and it leads to becoming doormats for others to take advantage of.

This Full Moon brings us the courage to communicate honestly and let others know directly what WE want and what our limits are.

Someone who is watching their weight might be tired of getting together with her food loving friends at the local bistro and passively splitting the bill even though she never ate 3 courses. Feeling taken advantage of, she realizes that it is her responsibility to speak up and make sure she only pays her fair share of the bill.

Today is her day to say, “I am more comfortable just paying for what I ate.”

Me First


It is easy to be a giver and pay attention to everyone’s needs but our own.

We may find ourselves focusing all our attention on pleasing and doing things for others. For many, that means putting our spouses, children and friends before ourselves.

Over time, this habit becomes a way of life and our needs become unimportant and subordinate to those we love. After all, it’s so easy to take from a giver who is always giving.

Now is the time to put yourself first so…

  1. Book a facial

  2. Book a massage

  3. Spend the day in bed with a bar of chocolate and a great book.

  4. Let the family cook dinner or take you out to eat.

Improve our bodies

This Super Full Moon brings special awareness of our habitual patterns, which may include unhealthy eating habits we have grown up with. I have a typical Jewish mother who ended every sentence at the dinne

r table with the words, “Eat more. You haven’t had enough.”

As an adult, I have learned that eating less is more. As a result, I am losing weight. I’m healthier and continue to look and, more importantly, feel good in myself. This is a revelation that can come for many of us with the Full Moon in Aries. We may finally change the habits that have gotten in the way of us being healthy and looking and feeling the way we want to.  It’s the perfect time to act.

It is also important to get moving on a project or finish something that you’ve been putting off or procrastinated over for too long!  Get moving and get it done, you’ll have the energy and drive to do it all now.


Do you have a desire but have lacked the courage to go out and get it?

That is not the case now.

Someone who at 20 has been so worried about her parent’s disapproval, is now ready to assert her independence. She might look forward to getting that qualification to be an alternative therapist and not the ‘safe’ corporate office job that was expected. Someone who was raised to never date across cultures could now be ready to declare himself his own man—free to make his own choices.

It’s also good timing now to break free of toxic people in your life. The relationships that are hurting you or holding you back need to be re-assessed. Stop letting people walk all over you.  If you find that someone is not worth the time, effort, and stress, cut the cord and distance yourself from them. If you don’t know how to cut the cord, contact me today to book a cord-cutting meditation session.


Have you settled for a relationship that is unfulfilling?

Perhaps you feel no excitement for the person you’ve been dating. However, you can’t face going out into the singles world and find someone who fills you with passion and feels more like the soul mate that you’ve dreamed of.

With this super new moon, it will inspire us and create enthusiasm to find an exciting relationship, no matter how much failure or disappointment we may encounter along the way.

What you can do is to –

  1. Commit to going out to at least one singles party each week.

  2. Put your profile up on an Internet dating site.

  3. Say yes to our friends who have wanted to fix you up for the longest time.

  4. Book a singles holiday, because being alone is not an option this New Year!

We can be confident that, at least, our socializing will bring us fun and, at most, it may be even bring Mr or Miss Right into our lives.

It’s time when we take greater responsibility for our life and creating our own good fortune. Our destiny is in our hands.

Spread This Message, So Everyone Can Enjoy!

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