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How fear causes sickness

Recently, I have been working with clients experiencing dis-ease on the physical level.  I wish to share with you, that the emotional stuff  that is the biggest creator of illness in life is FEAR.

Illness can also be programmed (we are like a computer) to be experienced in the physical body before the Soul incarnates, so the experience can be a learning curve.

In many cases illness is a belief that we must suffer because of some misdeed in the past.  Thus, through suffering, we believe we learn to be a better more spiritual person.

The best way to learn is through using the conscious mind to project life in a positive, constructive manner.

Life is lived based on a person’s




including the judgement that illness is purifying and leads to spiritual well-being, etc.  This is simply not true; illness just causes pain and challenges.

Of course, we are aware that the our physical body is subject to viruses, bacteria, injury and other causes of physical problems.

When there is an illness with a client, I always ask their High Self (higher consciousness) if there are ‘programs’ causing the illness, then I research what they are (for example – FEAR AND A BLOCK TO THEIR SELF PRESERVATION) then they are cleared in the client’s Akashic (soul) records.

The ‘program(s)’ are then removed and placed into ‘Dead Files’ and therefore are no longer running on their internal ‘hard drive’.

Once clear, I then ask their High Self if there will be a healing and make sure that I am receiving an honest answer.  Sometimes, there may be a desire on the part of the Soul to use the illness to get out of the body, so honesty is important.

Everything I do is confidential, so I’m going to share an example and call my client Lucy.  She had a bladder infection causing incontinence. She felt embarrassed, ashamed and it was affecting her work, her relationship and her social life. She didn’t like going out, because she had a fear that she wouldn’t find a convenient toilet and was becoming housebound.  She had visited many doctors and consultants and had been offered different treatments but nothing was working, so she decided to try Ancestral Healing, to get to the root, once and for all.  

I explained that all bodily fluids are linked to the emotional body,

or the body of desires.  Bladder disorders are linked with the capacity to delay gratification.  Incontinence indicated that Lucy rigidly controlled her desires and was afraid to let them out.  Her body was telling her that she couldn’t control her desires, that she lacked judgement and wanted her expectations to be met immediately.  

Lucy felt like a child instead of an equal when she was with her husband, as they had met when she was just 17 years old.  I explained that it’s never a good thing to have a parent-child relationship between two adults.  

She needed to be aware that it was time to take charge of her life and feel like an equal.  Lucy had allowed herself to be invaded by the thoughts, words and deeds of others.  This had affected and infected her.  It was eating away at her.  She was out of touch with her psychological immunity and her physical immune system responded accordingly.  

She often found herself saying “What’s the point?”  She felt like giving up and losing the fight.  

Working with Lucy, I researched what programs were running, and discovered FEAR plus many others.  These were removed.  Therefore, allowing her emotional body (layer in her Aura) to be re-balanced.  PLUS her Sacral Chakra, linked to desire, was opened and balanced.  Also, this allowed her ‘inner child’ to be healed. 

Her Sacral Chakra had been affected by frustration, over-protection and lack of joy, fear and guilt (“I am not allowed”) during her childhood.  The Sacral area is the most abused area; the most ignored, misunderstood and judged area.  

Her fear of aggression actually was attracting the aggression of others. 

We are like magnets and we attract what we fear the most.  The truth is, others probably didn’t see themselves as aggressive towards her. I showed her how to choose her reaction within these situations.  

Lucy was more powerful that she realised and I showed her to get in touch with that power and take back control of her life, sharing that others will love her to the degree that she loved and respected herself.   

The result was that Lucy became a stronger person and is able to stand up for herself now and perceives herself to be lively, strong and grounded.  Alongside the healing, Lucy has got in touch with her feelings, keeps a gratitude diary,discovered how she would like to live her life, meditates, uses essential oils, exercises and follows a healthy eating diet plan and is drinking plenty of water. 

I am delighted to share with you that her bladder has healed and this was all done virtually as Lucy lives in San Francisco, USA.  

Is fear affecting your life?

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