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How can I cure insomnia?

In my last blog I explained about “What is clearing” in your Soul Records.  So many of you responded because you did not know about the Akashic Records. Quite a few of you asked whether “clearing” could help insomnia…..

Dear Heather

I don’t remember having trouble sleeping – until lately. Small concerns have grown and my sleep has been disrupted. I just sort of drifted into insomnia. And there I have stayed, on and off, for the last few months. It has meant exhausted days and nights stretched out in front of me and when I look in the mirror, I hate those tired, vacant eyes looking back at me. I have tried to remedy it, using pills (soft herbal brands and the hard big pharma types), sprays (rescue remedy), a variety of “calming” music (including nature sounds) and, of course“wishing really hard”.

What can I do now, will clearing my Akashic Records help?



Yes Joanne and anyone else reading this with insomnia – clearing your Akashic Records will definitely help.

One of the most common blocks to the root cause of insomnia is “involvement”.

Get Involved.

Do what you love.

Try something new.

Build your resume.

Make lifelong friends.

Get involved in an emotional or sexual way.

You get to choose the opportunities that will change your life.

Another common block at the root cause of insomnia is “kindness”

Carve Out Some Time For Yourself. Every day carve out some time for yourself and do something that brings you joy. …

Give Yourself Recognition. …

Cultivate Your Inner Advocate. …

Forgive Yourself. …

Take Good Care of Yourself. …

Respect Yourself. …

Treat Yourself. …

Soothe Yourself.

Here are some helpful tips regarding getting a good nights sleep… 

Recognise that “sleep is not a lifestyle choice, it is a biological inevitability. It is very, very powerful, and we need to get it working for us. Sleep is a process of letting go.

Make an intention to have a relaxed, confident approach to sleep, not a neurotic, panic-stricken one.

A lot of people put good sleep beyond the achievable simply because they are so worried about not sleeping. Take time before bed to go through the day, think about tomorrow and write down a list of stuff on your mind.  This will set your mind at rest.

  1. A dark room is important to a good sleep. Avoid “blue light” less than two hours before bed e.g. laptop, tablet and smartphone screens. Bedrooms should be a comfortable temperature (around 18C), quiet and well-ventilated, with comfortable beds and pillows.  Spraying lavender onto your pillow is relaxing too.

  1. Anything that stimulates the system – such as caffeine (although some experimental studies show a cup of coffee may lengthen the time taken to drop off by just three minutes), alcohol, chocolate, tobacco, a heavy meal or strenuous exercise – will make it harder to get to sleep. Avoid indigestible foods.

  1. Carbohydrates can promote serotonin, which aids sleep. Drink Camomile Tea and eat regularly throughout the day including organic fruits and vegetables.  Stop eating after 8pm.  Exercise for twenty minutes during the day, not late evening.

  2. Save sleep for bedtime.  But if you feel so exhausted, have a catnap.

Learn to value relaxation, and if necessary learn specific relaxation techniques, such as in the above video.

Above all, “Don’t try too hard.”

Sweet dreams


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