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Hold on tight!

We have a new moon tomorrow (Friday 27 January) that sets the stage for the February 27 eclipse.

Are you feeling that you want to stay in bed with the duvet over your head?

We’re moving forward very quickly now, so hold on tight as it’s all happening now.

 We are finally at the end of the rough Mercury retrograde that began at the beginning of January.

We have been

  1. completing lessons

  2. learning

  3. drawing a line under the energy of 2016

This may explain why you have been feeling so many things coming up, that you thought were over last year!

The key now is to aim for closure and completion, once and for all!

I have been talking recently about self-esteem as I am hosting a Workshop this Saturday 28th January 2017 in my Energy Studio in Loughton.

People with high self-esteem mostly cope better with life’s problems than those with low self-confidence. So if you’re self-confidence is not 100%, this workshop is for you.  


They tend not to stay in bad relationships – because they know they would be better living alone than with someone who doesn’t make them feel good about themselves. So if your relationship is not fulfilling your needs, this workshop is for you.

They rarely develop addictions to drink or drugs – or get deeply depressed either. If you feel low, have been drinking too much or eating too much,  this workshop is for you.

Of course, they have their difficulties, just like we all do.  But, they are better equipped to survive them than people who lack self-confidence.  Feeling overwhelmed?  This workshop is for you.

Interestingly, a lot of men and women who appear confident – particularly in their careers – actually have quite low self-esteem.  This is tough on them, because no one suspects they are insecure underneath or that they need help.

Self-esteem is all about how you estimate yourself.  But if you don’t rate yourself very highly, chances are others won’t either.

So are you ready to make the choice of moving from mediocre to great?

Register for the Workshop….

“Moving from mediocre to great and growing a massive self-esteem” 


Join me at 9.30am until 12.30pm on Saturday

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