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Fear of losing control

Have you or someone you know ever felt like

you might lose control of your mind, thoughts, and/or actions?

that you are on the verge of going crazy?

that you’re about to “lose it”?

you are about to become uncontrollably hysterical?

Yesterday on Facebook Live I spoke about panic attacks where some people who I have worked with, have felt uncontrollably frightened, felt like running away, passing out, vomiting in public, gagging uncontrollably, stumbling around, “freaking out,” and so on.

I experienced panic attacks myself at the age of 21 just before a major event in my life.

This feeling can occur seemingly for no apparent reason but there is always a root cause and tools that can help get rid of the fear of losing control, which is why I created the Anxiety Toolbox program.


Just imagine what it would feel like not to experience panic attacks and anxiety.

What would change in your life?

How would that affect you and your loved ones?

What would your life look like?

Completing the ‘Anxiety Toolbox’ online program will allow you to

  1. To “be” without “doing”

  2. Accepting yourself and accepting the flaws of others without trying to change those flaws.

  3. Getting less stuck on details and enjoying the bigger picture.

  4. Any bumps in the road or mistakes will take on their own beauty because they become a part of a larger plan/purpose.

  5. No longer feeling that you are not “perfect”.

  6. Experiences and emotions will feel like your own and not some third-person narrative.

  7. Your relationships will be better too.

  8. You will be able to listen more and show more compassion (because we all make mistakes)

  9. You will stop trying to control how people see you.

  10. People around you will have the freedom to be themselves- flaws and all.

  11. Recognising that other people have their own insecurities and anxieties, but knowing that you are one less person contributing to negativity in the world.

Please share with anyone you know who wishes to release anxiety.

Big Love


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