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Extra, Extra Read All About It!


“I was feeling very alone. I felt different in my thinking, feeling and experience from my family and everyone I met.  This caused a distance between us and I hadn’t had a date in 3 years! I felt really low and suffered with anxiety.  I tried counselling and even hypnosis.  I was feeling just so frustrated and angry with myself.  And then Heather’s email pinged through talking about relationships.  

When I booked a FREE Breakthrough Session with her, she explained that we learn through relationship, whether it is between ourselves and our friends and family, ourselves and our life experiences, even between ourselves and the higher energy.  

She suggested I do her on-line ‘Inner Relationship’ challenge and have an Ancestral Healing.

When I received the full Ancestral Healing report, it mentioned that she had identified that there was an Extra Soul that had attached itself to me.  I nearly freaked out when I read that bit! Plus I had inherited ‘guilt’ and other stuff that had been causing problems.  Who knew?!

Heather explained that we all have ongoing relationships with beings we’ve known in past lives or beings that have business with us and somehow that kind of made sense.

The Ancestral Healing made a huge difference in my life.  I  feet amazing afterwards.  It’s hard to put into words everything that I have gained.

This is the only thing I know of that works on all levels to clear any resistance or blocks to manifesting the life I wished for.

I feel lighter, somehow brighter and free to be me.  My relationships with family are better now and I’ve been seeing my new boyfriend for 3 months.  I can’t believe it!  Heather is a fantastic coach and a great mentor.  She is wise, patient and insightful and I feel completely supported.”

Elizabeth S.  St Albans

I had to share the above testimony as Extra Souls is not a subject I often talk about, because clients imaginations begin to run riot and imagine something like the Exorcist!

Let me assure you that it is NOT like that at all.

Extra Souls are people who are not in the physical world.  The reasons they attach and interfere could be a few reasons.

Firstly, it could be unfinished business between a person and the Extra Soul(s).

Perhaps the Extra Soul perceives that a person has harmed them in past lives and it may be seeking resolution and so attaches itself to block or interfere.

To simplify this, it’s just like a person in the physical showing up on your doorstep to discuss an old relationship or wanting payment or revenge.  They can cause real problems.

Yet is is important to understand a person’s role in allowing Souls with this energy or belief to interfere.  There is almost always some feeling of guilt or negative responsibility on their part.  In essence, they have allowed the attachment and blocking because they know they have not been forgiven or they have not forgiven themselves.

Let me assure you that no one and nothing can harm us unless we allow it on some level.

Another common situation of Souls from other lives blocking, is caused by the perception that we believe that they have harmed us.

Why would Souls who have harmed us attach to us?

It seems more logical that they would be hiding from us, rather than being present in our energy field.

The simple answer is that most Souls understand the need to forgive and release old hurts.  Most simply want your forgiveness and are trying to get your attention.

They may also be trying to alert you that you are limiting yourself by holding onto unforgivenss and victimhood.

In a very real way, we often block ourselves with Extra Souls by holding unforgiveness on the past.  By not taking responsibility for creating our experiences, we are literally not taking ownership of our divine nature.

Judging Extra Souls as bad or evil or simply having an agenda of getting rid of them may be missing a valuable point.

There is much to be learned about ourselves in why we allow or attract inappropriate attachments or blocks.  Once we have learned more about ourselves, we become free.

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