Easy 5 steps to make the most of the New Moon, 24 January 2020

Are you feeling the need to break free and speak about what you honestly feel?

I feel

This New Moon on Friday 24 January,  is like a breath of fresh air, because the keyword is LIBERATION, which is the action of setting you FREE!

It’s the perfect time to cut ties from anything holding you back from being true to you.

cutting ties

It could mean changing up your career, re-evaluating relationships, and even setting goals for the future.  It’s even more likely to inspire new ideas, as well as a need for reflection.

This cosmic energy could prompt you into taking the action necessary to experience freedom and change in an area of life that has not felt authentic or nurturing to who you truly are. On 24th January, a new refreshing experience can also come to you that can change your perception!”


New Moons are all about beginnings and sowing seeds, and the keywords for this Aquarius New Moon are:

  1. freedom

  2. independence

  3. friendship

  4. ideals

  5. hopes

  6. dreams

  7. wishes

  8. originality

  9. authenticity

Anything you start now in these areas will grow and flourish over the next several months.

Whatever intentions you plant now have the potential to grow, but in ways you would least expect.

Perhaps your desire is to start a new initiative, partnership, or create fresh goals for yourself.

New seeds (setting intentions) that you plant in your life now will start to manifest during the next full moon,” which will happen on February 9.

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During this period, you may receive a sudden idea, so trust your gut and listen to what your intuition is telling you.

Prepare for surprises, and don’t bank on anything turning out the way you thought it would. Let go of the outcome!

Here are some tips for making the most of this New Moon

1. Be open to surprises!

It’s important that you’re ready for the unexpected to come into your life. What intentions you set, be sure to make room for surprises!

2. Be amongst like-minded people

Take this time to join a group that you have always had an interest in, whether it’s a book club, meditation group, a yoga studio or a more athletic community.

Here is the link to my Facebook Group – Fearlessly Moving Forwards  for separated, divorced or bereaved.

3. Make time for