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Can Ancestral Healing help with Finances?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Few things can impact your emotional health more than financial hardship.

It’s easy to blame the economy, your business partners or your competitors when business is nosediving.

However, often the root cause of financial issues are energy blocks from your ancestors and past life energies.

I know this may sound unlikely to you and I understand your hesitation, but read on and I will explain.

I will help you remove the negative energy blocking your path to career fulfilment and financial abundance.

Still on the fence about this idea?

I understand. At one time I was just like you.

Let me tell you about Tanya, (not her real name).

career, assistant, IT

Tanya came to see me because her business had almost entirely disappeared.  Clients had stopped returning her calls, she was being overlooked for contracts and Tanya was really starting to panic.

Tanya was in danger of losing her home and car if she didn’t remedy her financial situation quickly, but her former clients were avoiding her.

She had no idea why this was happening or what she should do about it.

During her healing sessions, Tanya opened up about her young daughter, Emily.

Emily lived with her father and Tanya was not present in her daughter’s life at all.

pendulum, divination, clearing

Using a dowsing crystal, I accessed Tanya’s higher consciousness (High Self), ancestral energies and identified “abandonment” issues going back generations.

These blocks were the root cause of Tanya’s financial troubles, blocking success, prosperity and abundance in her life.

That evening Tanya felt the emotional floodgates open. The release of this suppressed negative energy facilitated not only a steep increase in business for Tanya, but also a strong relationship with her daughter Emily.

The work we have done together has profoundly impacted all areas of Tanya’s life.

To learn more about ancestral healing read my FREE eBook and if it resonates, let’s have a FREE Clarity Conversation.


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