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3 Steps To Move On

Firstly thank you to everyone who contacted me after watching “Couples Come Dine With Me” last Friday. It was great fun to step outside my comfort zone and do something completely different.

Anyway, back to business!  So many people I’ve spoken to have had situations in their life and they feel stuck and just don’t know how to move on, so here are 3 steps to move on………………

Take a moment as you read this and completely block out all distractions.  Take a deep breath in through your nose and let all the air out your mouth.  Allow any stress to drain from your chest, the never ending tension in your shoulders to disappear and your clenched fists relax.  Become aware of your breathing, perhaps for the first time in years.  Thoughts may pop up that have been suppressed for months, possibly years.  Take another deep breath in through your nose and now let all the air out your mouth.

I want you to get comfy in a supportive chair and imagine yourself sitting in a safe space where there is nothing to distract you.


Whatever you are facing, it does not matter how small or how large, there is a way out.

You may be beating yourself up about bad advice, being misinformed or maybe you just didn’t think something through.  At this point, it doesn’t matter.  Whether it is a bad addiction, a failed marriage or unfulfilled career, it just didn’t work out.

You can spend the remainder of your life allowing this to identify you, or you can pick yourself up and move on.  It’s your choice.  No one else can dust you off.  No one else can give you the determination you need to live the balance of your life.  You must take the first step.

Here are three steps that I had personally taken to move on when I realised the reality of my circumstance.

Accept it.  Own it.  Don’t attempt to rationalise it, explain it or be defined by it.

It is what it is.  We might want things to be different in the future, but in the present moment we need to accept things as they are.  That’s the way you can make your life flow smoothly instead of roughly.

During the last few years of my life I have learned the true power of acceptance.

The first lesson I learned six years ago when my marriage ended after thirty four years together. Even though I was reluctant to believe he wouldn’t give us a second chance during the initial months, I eventually realized I had no option but to accept the end of “us” and move on with my life.

I discovered that I was happier and more peaceful when I accepted what had happened instead of constantly fighting to change things.

Stand up, hold your head high.  Don’t allow others to dictate your future.  Ask yourself…..

  1.  “Do I try to prove others wrong?”

  2. “Do I blame others for my circumstance?”

  3. “Do I depend on others behaving a certain way, so I can be happy?”

It may surprise you, but if you answer YES to any of these, YOU ARE letting other people dictate your future

You create everything that happens to you – once you know that, life becomes easier. For example:

  1. Your health: You create your vibrant health or illness and pain

  2. Your relationships: You create fun in your relationships or disappointment

  3. Your finances: You create doing what you enjoy or a struggle

  4. Your career: You create an enjoyable job or a hard, unfulfilling slog

You even create your disputes.

You continue to create everything every day.

Do you realize how powerful and wonderful that is? It means you can choose what you create in future.

Choice = power. Choose to be in control of your life = then you are. Choose to be a victim = then you are.

Write down exactly what happened.  Don’t allow anyone else to read it.  Burn it.  Then let it go.

You must allow yourself complete freedom to write whatever you want. No-one else but you will ever see it, so swear and curse if you feel the need and write down everything that you feel about what happened. Write about why you feel the way you do. For me, this was a very powerful emotional healing technique.

Do your best not to feel any shame or guilt about what you write – you are allowed to express your emotions in this way. Don’t suppress or deny the way you feel, and get it all down on paper. No-one will be judging you.


Now, there are two final things to be done.  Book an Ancestral Healing with me.

This involves Healing your ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma. In so doing, it releases you from any energetic patterns that link you to them – patterns that can have an inhibiting or disruptive influence on your life today.Ancestral Healing involves Healing your ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma. In so doing, it releases you from any energetic patterns that link you to them – patterns that can have an inhibiting or disruptive influence on your life today.

This Healing process is important because we are impacted by emotional and energetic patterns from prior generations in our family. Some of these can create obstacles in our lives, blocking our pathway to joy, abundance, authentic power and unlimited possibilities.

Since energy is never lost, but simply changes form over time, emotional issues or problems that were not dealt with by your ancestors, or not fully resolved, can ‘hover’ in your energy field today, creating an imbalance or roadblock – also known as a Healing opportunity.

CLICK HERE to book a Clearing with me

Secondly, look up, raise your head high, straighten your shoulders, smile and walk forwards.  You have a life to live!


P. S. Do you put too much thought into stuff and never act?  Or not enough thought and believe you’ve made another bad choice?

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