The Secret To Removing Blocks Holding You Back

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Visualisation, affirmations, changing your beliefs that are negative... these are all wonderful tools to help you manifest abundance in your life. However, do you do all of these things and more, yet the thing you wish to happen, doesn't?

One element that many people don't focus on enough, is how to identify and remove specific blocks that keep you - unconsciously - from manifesting and achieving what you "say" you wish for.

You may be thinking ""What do you mean by "blocks"

And what do you mean, that I don't really wish for what I say I want?

Of course, I would love to be with my soulmate. How can you say I don't really wish for that person to come into my life?

So, let me simply explain that blocks are things that we do, consciously or unconsciously, to sabotage our goals, even though we not even know we are doing it!