How do I trust again after a breakup?

When someone shatters your trust in a relationship, it can really throw mud over your internal natural compass of trusting yourself, your "intuition".

With many women I work with, issues can be deeply rooted and have nothing directly to do with your current life, but can be connected with past life experiences and even programs inherited from ancestors, which have been ignited in their DNA, so it's vital to clear those energies with an Ancestral Healing.

Following on from clearing the clients Akashic (Soul) Records, building trust takes action. It requires focus, commitment, and, most importantly, vulnerability.

When you start a new relationship, imagine that you are holding your heart in your hands, offering it to someone else, and essentially saying, “Here is this loving, sensitive organ of mine—please don’t hurt it.”

So if in the past your ex cheated on you or abandoned you or any other action that made you feel like you made a huge mistake in opening up your heart, your natural reaction was to "close" the shutters to your heart, to protect yourself. And that’s a challenge to get over and start to trust again, which is why I created the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method, 90 Day Online Program, which kicks off with an Akashic (Soul) Clearing of old negative energies.

When trust is broken, it's natural to ask yourself,

‘Am I being a fool to trust again?’

‘Will I be hurt again?’

People block themselves from trusting again because it feels so painful and so vulnerable to do so after it has been broken.

Knowing how to get over trust issues is key.

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