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Heather's Story

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Heather Prince - Ancestral Healing Expert

Helping you build a life you love by attracting a soul mate who love you

‘What would Heather do?’ is the question that inspires my audience to take action. How do I know? Because I get messages every day! I’ve got the most amazing, engaged community of hundreds of ambitious women all trying to get from A to B; they come to me for teaching and inspiration because of my story: I’m going to make a successful life after being with my ex for nearly 35 years!

Way back in 2011, I became a single mum of three, who all decided to leave home, after my ex left saying he needed "space" – whilst trying to run my healing business, while battling fear and anxiety, of being on my own and having to sell the family home. Fun, right?

I didn't know the myths then, but did what most people do. Register for online dating and start looking for a new "mate"; go out to dances and bars; run away on holiday; overeat and overdrink! Believe me it didn't help!

Then fed up with 'crying a river', I started off doing what I know best and that's clearing the negative energies in my Akashic Records. It came to light that a major program for me was abandonment. I couldn't even remember the affect of abandonment when I was 4 years old, but my sub-conscious did!

My parents had a lovely Spanish lady live in with us when I was born and Lola became my "nannie", but at the age of 4 she left to better herself and train as a nurse. But that little 4 old girl had no understanding of that, other than the emotions of feeling abandoned.

This came up again when my relationship ended! Who knew!! And my inner child needed healing.

The years of marriage and the energies of conflict, control and manipulation had all taken their toll and I had "lost" myself. Therefore, my self love, self confidence, self esteem, self respect and self belief were in tatters.

So I began step-by-step to regenerate them and thus my Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method was born.

I began to understand that unless my heart was healed and I had regenerated what I call my "selfies" then I would go out and magnetise someone who had the old traits and the pattern of my relationship would repeat. Something I definitely didn't want to experience ever again!

If I can heal after nearly 35 years with the same person, then you can too. I’m not special, just consistent in working on myself. I show up no matter what.

A year after the break up, I met a wonderful man and we had an eight year relationship, which was an enormous step forward, but it came to a completion. And that's ok. Some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

I am not the girl I was in 2011. As my mum says "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"

I have been honest and vulnerable throughout this life experience, moved from feeling victim to victor and kept my dignity. My ex husband and I are now great friends, as he is the father of our 3 kids and Pop to our 8 grandkids.

It hasn't felt easy at times, especially at our kids weddings, as my dream had been to be together, but I worked on the grief to come to a place of acceptance. People want the real Heather and I swear, everything I teach I do or have done.

That’s why I have created the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method, which kicks off clearing the Akashic Records, as well as 90 days of online content, which is about support, guidance, arse-kicking, love, advice and those BS excuses called out so you can grow your life and magnetise in your soul mate! It's £3,000 for the Method, preventing a second or third relationship from repeating past patterns.

Or you can start with the 21-day taster

I also have a ‘Your £99 thing’ offer – and if you’re broke as f***, then join my free group for daily inspiration.

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