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Examples of FMF Method that will inspire you

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I have been working with Michelle who is an air sign Gemini, so she tends to be a head-over-heart kind of person, so when she broke up with her ex, she went into "overthinking". Her mind was in a continuous loop of everything that went wrong, and how she could’ve done things differently.

Before working with me, she had tried rebound sex with a stranger, which made her feel even worse and had hung out with friends who just didn't get her heartbreak, because they hadn't gone through it themselves.

We started by discovering what her life theme and challenge is in this lifetime. It is 'Security and Resources'.

She now understood that this period of time in her life was an opportunity to create her own security in life, using her ability to be resourceful.

Resourcefulness is about finding quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties, figuring out how to break through those surmountable barriers and in doing so, spot opportunities which others can’t. Essentially, resourcefulness is the most important competency there is. It’s a mixture of many rolled into one; including creativity, energy, intelligence, initiative, beliefs, risk taking and tenacity. These are all traits which we need as individuals to be successful in balancing work, health and family life.

Michelle had also been affected by 'Coercion', as her ex had threatened her, unless she did as he asked and she had experienced verbal/sexual abuse. These energies were all cleared from her Akashic (Soul) Records, clearing coercion from repeating in her future life experience.

Michelle then proceeded with Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method to work on letting go of the past; letting go of anger; breaking free from obsessive thoughts; coping with her feelings; creating balance; better sleep and much, much more.

Michelle said:

"I was going round and round in circles before I reached out to Heather. It's not simply the ache of a broken heart, rather it is about the shattered pieces that surround it. To get over a broken heart is to find meaning in what happened and experience post traumatic growth in spite of it. Hearts are resilient! They may be broken but they do not have to shatter your view of the world. Heather explained so much and helped me to love the true ME first".

Heather has been a meditation teacher for over 25 years; has run workshops, retreats worldwide and is expert at clearing programs running in the Akashic (Soul) Records). She has been showing women for the past 10 years how to heal from past relationships and is founder of the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method.

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