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Deep Mystical Vibes

As February has ended and March begins, it’s time for closure.  We can have closure after we accept someone’s choices, disentangle our expectations and desires from their potential and abilities and refuse to engage in wishful thinking.  Because that is what we do when we think that if we tried harder, did more, pushed harder, went an extra 100 miles, we could have changed the situation.  And wishful thinking keeps us stuck in healing cycles that do not serve us!

So I’m having the best time showing my clients how to get unstuck and gain freedom, confidence and real self love with my Core Transformation 90-Day program.  This program includes 2 colleagues.  A fabuliss Numerologist (who creates your 12 month money flow map) and an incredible accurate Intuitive who will give you an intuitive reading over the phone.

I research what is blocking you from being curious about life.  How you connect to life and the blocks that are stopping you continuously learning about yourself.  I also research what is blocking your inner mantras of: I can.  I will. I do.

PLUS how you are limiting yourself to go beyond present abilities.

I also will check any present life and/or past life limitations, imprints beliefs, perceptions and /or judgements that need to be cleared in your Akashic (Soul) records.  So click here for a FREE Clarity Conversation if you say YES!

My card right now from the Tarot is the card of “High Priestess” which means that I am on a roll with the deep, mystical vibes!

I am stepping into my ancient Divine power!

Here is what it says about the card…

The High Priestess marches to the beat of her own drum. Or rather, she meditates, floats, downloads, and intuits. Her acute intuition allows her to be incredibly self-sufficient, relying only on her deep connection to her own inner knowing and to the Divine for guidance. One of the secrets to this connection is her impeccably maintained temple. The High Priestess teaches us that we must maintain our temple if we want to achieve higher states of consciousness.

So this has compelled me to collaborate with another amazing colleague and we are creating an exclusive online Club for all of you to connect with your vibes and step into your power!  We will be inviting you to our Live Event very soon.  So watch this space for further details.

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