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I help high achieving professional women 50+ call in their man with a proven strategy 
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I went from divorced after 34 years together to meeting my dream man and now I'm in a beautiful relationship.

I work intuitively with every client. If you're looking for a magic wand, I'm not the coach for you.  We're going deep, to the root.  Unpacking the layers that are blocking you calling in your man. 

Book a no cost 30 minute Clarity Call with me.


I help high achieving professional women 50+ call in their man finally attracting lasting Love without the endless failed dates.

  It is easy to get started on your healing journey with my 1:1 weekly sessions to clear hidden energetic blocks. 

I will also suggest Personal Development Videos and Meditations to complete between each session. 

Online Meeting

A lot of the time women are very lonely when they are no longer in a relationship.  They just need someone to listen to.  Someone with whom they can share their experiences, their desires or even their problems.


By joining our Private Facebook Group Community you will be able to share your thoughts and also hear from like minded people about their own experiences. 

Heather Prince

About Me

Hi, I'm Heather and I’ve stood where you are! Maybe not in the exact spot, but I can guarantee you I’ve certainly encountered my own fair share of professional and personal successes and challenges and I’ve even learnt to enjoy riding the waves!

At 50 years old, my ex said he needed space and it wasn’t me, it was him and he left, after 34 years together! From there I knew that his words were purely subjective and that I could either choose to play the victim or I could choose to take action and whole-heartedly believe that I could and I would prove to myself that I could live the life I wanted! Yet, these experiences often make us grow stronger and to this day ironically I am ever grateful.

I also learnt that in order to truly succeed, you need the right support network and tribe behind you in order to challenge negativity, fear and judgement. For me it was my family and friends. For you I will be your most supportive cheerleader and help you overcome the challenges to celebrating each success with you! Through these experiences your confidence will grow and you’ll begin to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says or what life throws at you!

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Self Love, Self Confidence

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Raise your vibe through colour - Heather's latest book, co-authored with Jo Baldwin Trott.  Click the book for more information.

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Happy relationships, Happy life

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