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You are invited……….

You are invited to join me this Saturday for my Sacral Chakra Workshop.

Sometimes the body is energetically out of balance, which manifests in all sorts of pain, dis-ease and physical ailments that range from discomfort to acute and chronic conditions. The source of many of these conditions lies in the lifestyle, beliefs and messages that we have created, which creates stress that is shown through the body. Transcending the beliefs is often the path to healing and once we understand what they are, we can balance our energy and free ourselves of these conditions.

The body is the physical vehicle that the spirit operates through. Without the body we are unable to maneuver in the physical world. So the body is important to us and maintaining the body is critical to our being able to do our work. It’s not surprising that the increased interest in spirituality is accompanied by an awareness of the importance of maintaining the physical body. We now insist on organic food, clean water and exercise because we know that that spirit needs our bodies to be healthy, well functioning vehicles. But we also need healthy thoughts and positive attitudes to feed us on a spiritual level.

The ‘Sacral Chakra’ relates to our sense of taste and appetite.  This applies to the physical levels as well as the more spiritual sense of loving and enjoying life.  Our well-being, our sense of sexuality and our permission to give ourselves prosperity and abundance are all focused in this chakra.  From this chakra we are able to create – a life as well as other manifestations.

This chakra is associated with the emotional body and our willingness to feel our emotions.

If you experience illnesses –

  1. kidney weakness

  2. constipation

  3. muscle cramps

  4. lack of energy

  5. allergies

  6. loss of weight

then your Sacral Chakra requires re-balancing.

If you are

  1. emotionally explosive

  2. overly ambitious

  3. manipulative

  4. caught up in illusions

  5. overindulgent

  6. see people as sex objects

then your Sacral Charka is out of balance. 

In my Workshop, this Saturday 29th April, at 9.30am – 12.30pm, we will be working on the Sacral Chakra to help us with shifting the energies back to perfect balance.

Centuries of sexual repression, physical trauma and loss of divinity has created a space in the human consciousness where a large number of us have sexual wounds that go deep into our energetic fields and have created a distrust between our knowledge of a divine activity and our own personal experiences.  We have been subjected to the experience, shame and control of a previous and obsolete paradigm and while we shift into new paradigms of consciousness.  If we shed the old energies we can start to vibrate at new and higher frequencies.  It;s time to free ourselves of the past and create our own healthy experiences.

Note: The work we will be doing here will not look at your personal history or ask you to share any of your experiences.  This is NOT  a sex workshop and we will not be discussing anything of a sexual nature within the group dynamic.  It will be a private and personal journey for yourself alone.

When the sexual experiences we attract are healthy and nurturing, we are left in a space where we can concentrate on reaching a higher spaced of divinity and love. Those experiences don’t have to be incredibly intimate, sometimes simple touch and hugs can be enough to nurture us.  However, when the experiences we have are less than wholesome, they leave holes in our lives that we then start to fill with other unhealthy habits and activities, such as smoking, alcohol and food.

In this workshop we will:

  1. Perform healing work through guided mediation to help unlock and release anything in your energetic and subconscious systems where your sexuality is blocked, repressed or hidden.

  2. We will focus on those areas of your physical, energetic and emotional fields that are blocking you from having the pleasure in life that your soul desires.

The work I do is highly energetic going deep into the energetic field to release stuck energy and emotions and to assist in the healing of any wounds.

To book email me –


If you are not local to Loughton, Essex then email me to go on the waiting list for this workshop to be ONLINE.

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