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You are entirely up to you…

With the Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio, it’s time to explore how you build material and emotional resources. Because an opposition is naturally an intense aspect, you may feel like you have to push a little bit to forge your self-worth.

This is a time to clear any limiting beliefs about your personal worth and value, so that you can easily create the life you want to have.

I have been on Facebook Live all this week, focusing on the 8 elements with the core root of Self Worth/Self Esteem

Physical Well Being;

Professional Path

Spiritual Connection

Intimate Relations

Today I will be focusing on your Mental Treasure Chest at 2.30pm (UK)

All the recordings are on my page @rootmaster1  if you missed them.

And don’t forget I’ll be on Facebook Live on Sunday at 10.00am talking about the importance of Boundaries.

As the page is public, you may not choose to comment about your private circumstances, so please send your queries privately to

I have also spoken about the importance of the relationship you have with yourself, so here is the link to join the 7-DAY INNER RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGE

Let’s Get To The Root



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