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What does ‘Spiritual Suicide’ mean?

I’ve been working with clients recently and researching their main “Master Program” running on their inner hard-drive, their sub-conscious. And it was a surprise to see that so many had the Master Program of ‘Spiritual Suicide’, that needed to be cleared in their Akashic Records.  

So what exactly is Spiritual Suicide and how do you know if you’re committing it? 

It’s the ‘killing’ of that part of oneself that is associated with the feelings and the mind, as well as the killing of real meaning or significance in your life.

Simply put, it means that you’re not in touch with your feelings and have cut off the part of your mind that was connected to your life dreams, resulting in no real meaning to your life.

If you’re not doing work that is meaningful to you or being the person you were truly meant to be, then you are committing spiritual suicide.

You may be wondering what are the signs to look for.

So here are some questions:-

  1. Do you hate getting out of bed every day?

  2. When you’re at work, do you keep looking at the time, wishing the workday would hurry up and be over, so you can go home?

  3. Do you live for the weekend and your holiday allowance?

  4. Do you do any of the following self-destructive behaviours in order to escape or numb yourself?

  5. Watching TV to excess

  6. Overeating

  7. Drug and/or alcohol abuse

  8. Sexual addiction

  9. Excessive spending

  10. Feeling suicidal

Only you can answer why you are committing spiritual suicide.

Maybe it’s because you’re working somewhere that is unfulfilling and it’s prevented you following your passion…

What can you do to stop?

Firstly, admit that you are not happy.

Start planning a strategy to help you become the person you were meant to be and join the HUNCH CLUB which will open its doors very soon, so we can show you simple, actionable steps to connect to your Superpower, your intuition and create the life you wish.

And if you can join us in London at our all day workshop, save Saturday 9th June in your diary now.

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