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What does clearing mean?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The other day, someone asked me “So what does ‘clearing’ mean?”

Let me de-mystify what work I do by starting with that I feel there is much naiveté within our society to the true understanding of ‘the self‘ and the reality and existence of ‘the soul‘.

Many people have become stuck trying to be accepted into society’s ideals and viewpoints with no sense of real self, or real freedom.

There is endless competition., which feels exhausting! We have an image of ourselves that isn’t real, yet we fight with all we have to hold on to it.

The illusion created by ourselves, is needed to support the ego and we are afraid to see what really is.

This image is due to the programming that is within our entire being, and we are a creation of this programming.

We need to take command of our entire existence, move out of fearself-pity and drama and be prepared to change the perception we have of ourselves and move into self-empowerment.

Within us is the potential to let this image go and realise the truth. I believe it is my mission to help you reach your full potential!

The afflictions of our past existences have projected us into this life for soul clearing. We are now ready to break-free from the emotional strains we have endured so we can harvest the delights we have so long awaited.

Things will happen in life in an attempt to shift our attention to the realisation of who we are. The experiences the soul is seeking are just as important, if not more so, as the experiences the human self/mind is seeking.

Our soul aspect is in fact guiding the human self into the experiences it chose in the in-between life, but the human self/mind can get in the way and cause obstacles.

The way the soul sets up experiences is through programming, both positive and negative.

What is programming

As a result of our souls experiences when incarnated in physical lives, and the between lives when in the spiritual realms, the soul establishes beliefs that gain energetic power and become programs.

These programs then become belief systems about ourselves and others that will move us through everything we experience.

The energy, negative or positive, behind these beliefs, perceptions and judgements, about what has happened to us builds up and continues to create more and more programs that then affect how we approach everything in life.

The workings of the conscious mind, through our five senses, observes, makes decisions and programs the subconscious mind which will then record everything and store it very much like a computer.

Your soul requires a strong leader, it wants you, the conscious part of itself that exists in this realm, to be stable.

We, our souls, and our entire ‘being’, consist of many aspects, four of the main aspects are:

  1. emotional

  2. mental

  3. physical

  4. spiritual

Negative programming is held in all aspects of our ‘being’ including the four main aspects mentioned.

Negative programming can influence anything in life including,

  1. the amount of happiness you will experience

  2. what illnesses you endure

  3. the quality of relationships

  4. and especially they interfere with our success in life

Programs will affect how you do something, how you behave, and all decisions you make.

So “clearing” these programs is important.

How is programming triggered

Soul recognition is one of the main reasons programs are triggered.

  1. You reach the same age you were when the program was experienced in the past life.

  2. You meet someone that was involved in the past life.

  3. A geographic location or scenario reminds you of the past life event(s)

  4. You have the tools (you ask me to facilitate a clearing) to handle the program so it comes up to be cleared.

  5. It’s in your DNA from your ancestors

Also the decisions you make in relation to the above and the change in situation can also trigger programming, anything can come up to be worked on as there is probably a past connection somewhere.

What can we do about programming?

We need to clean up our act and have an Ancestral Healing! 

Once a program is cleared it can’t rebuild, but if we consciously hold on to the negative energy then we can build more programs.

We have to learn to release and let go of negative beliefs, perceptions and judgements, bless and forgive them.

We can then transform these old limiting beliefs to new empowering uplifting beliefs. Our beliefs, whether in the conscious mind or the subconscious mind, will repeat themselves over and over in our behaviour and personality creating the life we believe we deserve, and most of the time our programming doesn’t allow us to truly believe we deserve a better life.

The important point here, is that you may be creating the life your subconscious mind believes you deserve – NOT what your conscious mind thinks you deserve.

This is the cleaning up process, cleaning the beliefs/programs of the soul and subconscious because these are what are blocking the conscious mind from achieving exactly what is wants.

Working with me, we will clean up your act and working with your Higher Self clear the negative programming in your Akashic Records. Does this resonate with you?

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