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We’re Only Human

The Sacral Chakra Workshop on Saturday morning addressed our sacral chakra, which is about our Emotional Energy Body, our emotional identity and our right to FEEL. 

Emotions are linked to the digestive system and nourishment.  The happier the person, the stronger their sense of well being.

We focused on

  1. unblocking our creativity

  2. moving out of poverty consciousness

  3. regaining acceptance of ourselves

  4. embracing our sexuality

  5. Increasing our feelings of JOY.

What came to light was pondering on the deeper questions of why the demon of guilt unbalances this energy centre.

How can we feel joy if we feel guilty?

When we have a strong and balanced Sacral Chakra, (emotional body) we experience

  1. “Joy of Life”,

  2. healthy appetite

  3. friendships

  4. enthusiasm

  5. playfulness

  6. prosperity

  7. Health and well being on all levels.

Without it we feel lack of joy, fear and guilt (“I am not allowed”).

Needs are necessities.  I need to put petrol in my car in order for it to run.  I need to eat natural foods for health.  My child needs love if he is to become emotionally balanced.  These are requirements for healthy functioning.

As children we are often shamed for our needs.  Our parents may have been unable to meet them, or may have had unmet needs of their own.  As a result, we were taught that they were not necessities, and we learned to disown them.

A client I worked with never let herself eat until she was starving or fill up her petrol tank until she was empty.  She saw her needs as dismissible desires, something she should overcome.  She felt guilty for having them and tried to keep them hidden.  As a result she kept herself deprived and depleted, unable to fill her basic needs and move on to other things. 

When we reclaim our needs, we take responsibility for our own fulfilment.

This course will soon be available on ONLINE so make sure you read my newsletters!

Now that we are in May, there’s more of a free flow of energy going on and we can start to move forward with plans, goals and wishes.

For the last 18 months, we’ve had to put into action improvements in our lives, paying attention to small details to create a healthier environment. Practising what we preach has been important. At the same time, we’ve had to learn humility whilst releasing old addictions and other self defeating behaviour. If we wished for ‘peace’ we had to do something practical to work towards it, so congratulations all of you who completed my “21 Day Peace Challenge”!

“I felt like Heather’s guidance was very supportive. What I appreciated most was how, right from the start, she took me step by step, day by day to a more peaceful place of being.  Working through my stuff because of the end of my marriage, was challenging and surprisingly very helpful. I can see my ex-husband more as a person now instead of an ex-husband which weirdly gives me a greater sense of peace.”  K. W.

In May, focus on expressing your creativity and unique talents. Now is the time to honour yourself and love your inner child. Opening and balancing your Sacral Chakra is vital to feel the burn of desire – the powerful will to express who you are straight from the heart. Rather than play the part, YOU have to the BE the part and be yourself, with confidence and the courage to take calculated risks.Trust your intuition this month because it will be heightened.  If it FEELS right to clear your personal inner hard drive with Ancestral Healing, it will……

Clear Blocks such as Self Esteem or confidence

Plus negative motivations such as co-dependency or fear

Plus Major Programs such as Failure, Doubt, Despair, Depression etc.

Re-balance your whole Chakra system

Release old addictions and self-defeating behaviour patterns

Discover your life themes and challenges

Discover your Soul Qualities

Ancestral Healing discovers the energies that you’ve inherited from your Ancestors too, going back six to eight generations and like the layer of an onion this unique healing therapy peels off the negative layers that are not serving you, then if you choose you can follow through with my Bonus Program (online) with my support or choose a Core Transformation over the next 3 months.You will find the Order Buttons on my website.Do you dare to be different this month?

Let’s Get To The Root!



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