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Through our ancestors we come to be

I have just spent a fantastic time at Gaunts House Summer Gathering, held in Dorset, UK.  I believe that this was my 6th year there!  Every time I return home having learnt something new.  

gaunts 2016

What I love about Gaunts House is their policy of supporting people in their own Profound Learning.  The annual Summer Gathering consists of meeting like minded people, workshops, music (of all sorts) and healthy food.

The Gaunts House Philosophy is to evolve and improve outdated ways of thinking, being and doing. They seek to explore and establish real, safe and holistic ways of living to support the necessary evolution of individuals and society alike.

Whilst there I attended a workshop with Leo Rutherford, MA who has an inspiring life story. Growing up in north-west England, how he came to be involved in Shamanism, is how amazing life’s twists and turns can be!

In his book “Shamanic Path Workbook” he says about ancestors….

“… all who have come before and who have made our lives possible, those in whose paths we follow.  Through our ancestors we come to be.  Our presence is only possible because of the past, and all who have gone before affect our presence mightily.  Their greatness and their smallness lives on through us.  Their blessings we inherit and their problems become ours to heal.”

I feel very blessed and grateful that Leo agreed for a short interview after the workshop to discuss our Ancestors and how their energy can impact in our lives today ( I apologise that it’s short and the end of our conversation breaks off!) …..

In his book he also says….

“Our ancient roots are shamanism wherever we live and whatever sort of culture we have grown up in”

“Our ancestors lived in tribes, villages, small groups, close to the Earth and nature. They knew that survival meant knowing the movements of animals, knowing where plants grew and at what times of the year. ……”

He talks about emotional fear…. “This means shyness, inhibition, fear of not being acceptable, fear of ridicule, fear of emotional security, fear of rejection, fear of being put down, laughed at, made to feel small, belittled……………   To an adult it only hurts if one has low self-esteem.”

Negativity can be from the past, your personal history, your ancestry, past wounding, childhood trauma, stuck energy, bitterness, anger, grief, disappointment, unfairness, regret or emotional problems. Ancestral Healing can get to the root.

I hope you found it of interest, but I will be happy if you just watched and enjoy it.

Working to get to the root!


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