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The Busier You Are, the More You Need Meditation

21 Day Meditation Challenge has kicked off this month, so I’m taking a closer look at the transformative power of meditation and how it changes people’s lives for the better.

The thought of meditation makes some people cringe, as they think…

  1. that they’ll never be able to do it, because they can’t concentrate

  2. or they don’t have time

  3. or they have what is known as a “monkey mind”.  This is when our troubled thoughts that are often in our minds are concerned with the fears and pressures of life: What will happen if I lose my job? I wonder if my partner might be unhappy with our relationship? What if I don’t have enough money when I retire? Irrational fears perhaps, but made real by our own constant attention. How infuriating and exhausting it becomes.

Anyway, back to Meditation.  As long as you can breathe, you can meditate.  That’s it.  And it’s that simple.  Even though I’ve been teaching meditation for 20 years, it is now part of my daily routine.

I’ve been pretty good about being consistent. Sometimes I miss a day but that’s ok and every Monday evening I teach meditation to people who say…

“I found it most useful to practising the various meditations in a class, the excellent exploration of the concept of mindfulness in very simple terms by using very simple images/metaphors. Heather is an excellent communicator.” S.D.

“”Thank you very much for making such a difference in my life!…” D.H.

“After being dogged with anxiety for years, I finally have the tools to prevent myself from slipping into the downward spirals that have taken over so much of my life. I am now calmer, happier and optimistic that the future will be very different…” J.G.

As many people couldn’t get to my class due to wrong day, wrong time or geography, it compelled me to write a 21 Day Meditation Challenge, for everyone to give it a go in the comfort of their own space.


Personally as a menopausal woman, I feel like a mental fog lifts from my brain each time I meditate. I feel more relaxed. I’m calmer. I’m more in tune with my inner sense of knowing than ever before. I experience more coincidences. I also feel more intensely; I’m happy now rather when something will happen………… or if I’m eating one of my favourite dishes, I’m more in the moment to enjoy and savour it.

Since I got serious about maintaining a daily meditation practice, it’s as if I went from experiencing my life through a black-and-white TV to experiencing it through HDTV with satellite—sharper, with colour, and more channels! It’s my favourite tool in my ever-growing health and happiness tool kit, and I hope that you’ll try my 21 Day Meditation Challenge.

In the morning, I’ll wake up and meditate before I have my hot water with lemon, but some people find it easier to meditate at bedtime.

The biggest benefit I’ve experienced from meditation is that it’s made me a more sane entrepreneur. One of the challenges I have is a never-ending to-do list, and there’s always something to worry about. The ability to compartmentalize and focus and tune out the distractions, crises, and worries when I need to is absolutely critical; otherwise, I’d never sleep! Meditation has absolutely helped me do this, and without my practice I think back to when my marriage broke up and know that  I’d probably have lost my mind. Thank goodness for Meditation!


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