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Struggling with the energies of today’s Full moon?

I trust that you’ve watched my Video 1 about Mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’ and Video 2 ‘How To Improve Yourself’ that I emailed yesterday. Both are available on YouTube or my previous Blogs.

I couldn’t let today go without sharing with you the information about today’s (Wednesday 10th May 2017) Full moon, which marks the midway point of the lunar cycle we’re in, that began with the New moon on April 26th.  The focus was on:

Being here now, being present to what is, caring for our bodies and the earth, and committing to the path of inner work that is needed in order for us to get to a healthier, happier place of thriving- NOT just surviving.

What are you holding on to and what can you let go? What do you possess that you can share or indeed let go of?


Now is the time to become involved in your passions and your deepest love of life!  It can bring into focus your biggest fears, deepest desires and also the shadows that lurk beneath them both.

Did you know that our Unconscious conditioning runs most of our consciousness?

We think we desire a certain kind of partner or food or we think we are choosing to have a strong dislike to a certain kind of person or a situation – but underneath those desires and dislikes are actually Unconscious reactions to things and people that actually go back to situations we experienced in childhood (and even past lifetimes or inherited from our Ancestors). CLICK HERE to book an Ancestral Healing

This week you will be face to face with




desire to be in control

tendency to manipulate

dominate another’s will

It is now time that you face your own shadows and inner demons and for you to do the work to relate to power –  not from a place of victim or cruelty – but from a place of empowerment and knowing your own worth.

To build on your Self Worth, Self Love, Self Belief, Self Respect, Self Confidence –  register for my FREE online Course called Ancient Buddi 

and choose 

‘Cafe Style eLearning Programs’

The transformative potential in relationships in our lives can be profound.  The key is being willing to question traditions, obligations and expectations we put upon ourselves and others. We don’t want to be doing something because we should be, or it makes us look good.

This is a time to question what you are doing, who you are relating to, why you are relating the way you are.

What are your relationship patterns?  If you look back over the last 3-7 partnerships in your life- there is a thread there. Can you see it?  The lowest common denominator is yourself- so if you got cheated on by the last 5 partners (or if you did the cheating), it’s YOUR pattern. You have created this and there is a deeper excavation that needs to happen to understand why.

This week has a deep potential for healing, awakening, full emotional expression and shifting your relationship to your wounds so that you are relating TO them rather than from them.

You can keep on doing the same old karmic patterns or you can grow and move into new territory. Move away from spiritual bypassing, analyzing things but not actually feeling them, and from a tendency to detach from your heart.

Move your energy down from your head (thinking) to your heart (feeling) – creating more authenticity. Work with your energy consciously, so that you don’t default to domination and control OR playing the victim and instead take full responsibility for your energy and what is going on in your life.

When you can see things very clearly, including your involvement in creating it, then YOU are empowered to change things!

CLICK HERE for an Ancestral Healing (which can be done remotely for anyone, living anywhere). A full report will be sent direct to you by email followed by a telephone or skype call to answer any questions.  

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