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Sexual Addiction

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Anything can become an addiction.

An addiction is a belief that something is absolutely necessary; that you can't live without it. The addiction can be to another person, drugs, alcohol, food, anger, love or sex.

I recently met a lovely woman whose marriage had ended because her ex was a sex addict, visiting prostitutes and meeting women purely for sex. It was only discovered when she’d just given birth to their second child.

Sex addicts often:

  • Live a double life

  • Have loads of trouble in their relationships

  • Feel unhappy, anxious, ashamed, alone, and fearful of anyone finding out about their behaviours

  • Don’t know what to do with painful feelings (feelings often the result of trauma and abuse in their backgrounds)

  • Often demonstrate thinking that’s unrealistic or distorted by their addiction

  • Are afraid of losing those closest to them and are convinced that they can’t be “real” with anyone for fear of exposing their secrets

It’s important to clean up the mess that their addiction has left in their lives: shattered relationships, lies, manipulation, heartache, broken promises, and the list goes on.

Addicts are beset by their shame. That’s why they keep their behaviours a secret or lie about it.

Healing is when we can be truly ourselves with another person, in all of our messiness. When we can be authentically real with someone else in all of our vulnerability and raw feelings, it changes us. This kind of genuine dialogue and clearing the Soul Records of ‘addiction’ can transform addiction.

This kind of acceptance, empathy, or grace has the power to transform. In its presence, the person can feel safe enough to allow all of their deepest longings, feelings, and thoughts to be seen.

When that which has been hidden can come into the light, lasting change happens.

I have also worked with many clients who have had sexual abuse/molestation energy running in their internal hard drive, their sub conscious, that needed clearing from their Akashic (Soul) Records.

The Akashic Record is the record of everything the Soul has experienced from the beginning of Creation up to the present moment and beyond. Another name is Soul Records. When the records of a Soul are completely cleared, the old records go into dead files and a new record containing only the positive is established. Although the Soul's old personal records go into deal files (non working), the information is still part of the Akasha and can be reviewed. There is no limit to the soul's akashic record, it is ongoing, as the Soul never stops learning and expanding.

Sometimes the abuse took place in the present life and sometimes it was from a previous life. The discordant energy attached to sexual abuse/molestation is extremely high and can be very disruptive to a person's life. It needs to be released, let go to enable the client to move on.

Over the years, I have discovered that many people have challenges in sexual relations that stem from past lives. They may have taken religious vows of celibacy or chastity or been sexually abused. Clearing the energy in the Akashic (Soul) Records usually helps the clients have better relations.

So many people have a life theme and challenge Sexual Relationship, Sex, because their Soul has entered the physical body to balance and harmonise; to eliminate the negative aspects and magnify the positive.

Heather Prince is founder of Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method

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