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Sending you huge apology..

I have a huge apology to make to you all.

“The Gift of Healing TV” has been attempting to host a live interview with me to talk about Ancestral Healing therapy.  I’ve been experiencing gremlins regarding my connection to Webinarjam, so I borrowed a friend’s computer for the interview on Thursday 12th October .  But Sara Jane from The Gift of Healing TV, experienced problems with her speakers during the interview, which resulted in the interview being cancelled.  I’ll let you know when it’s re-scheduled.

I also was unable to be live on Facebook at 10am yesterday.  Unfortunately, my youngest grandaughter Sienna is in hospital with bronchitis and I had her big sister Sofia, who’s nearly 2, here to sleep.  As she’s just gone from a cot into a bed, I was up with her many times during the night and had to care for her yesterday morning, so Facebook Live had to take a back seat!

It goes to show that in life, you just have to go with the flow and sometimes life takes over.  Do you find that too?

As I mentioned, the interview was going to focus on “What is Ancestral Healing”, so let me explain…

Ancestral Healing Therapy is a system where I use charts and a dowsing crystal to research what “block”, “energies” and “programs” are “holding you from reaching your full potential in your life”.  You not only inherit the DNA of all the good stuff from your ancestors, you can also inherit the negative stuff too.  Ancestral Healing Therapy clears the negative stuff from your Akashic Records.

So what are the Akashic Records?  In this age of technology, I think of them like a hard drive recording every thought, emotion and event that ever occurred during the existence of your soul. As your soul moves through different lives (incarnations) not just here on the earth but on many planes, all your experiences are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul. The Akashic Records are held as energy in the spiritual planes of your energy body and directly affect your energy on a daily basis through your chakras (energy-centres).

When a thought, emotion or event did not get completely cleared and released, then it is like a scratch on that “hard drive” which recreates the event over and over again seeking clearance and release. We refer to the “scratches” as Discordant Imprints, and they create sabotaging programs or patterns within the subconscious.

Since energy attracts the same energy, this is why we usually attract, like a magnet, the same type of people or situations over and over again.  Do you recognise this?

This happens because it gives you the opportunity to embrace the same experience with Love. This “rerun” of past challenges that is common to all of us, is usually referred to as one’s Karma and serves the purpose of meeting all in Love to experience oneness with all through your heart.

Working with your higher consciousness (High Self)  I research the storyboard that initiated the Discordant Imprint in the first place. Then, I clear and release those frequencies to prevent the program or patterns from further interfering in your life.

The role of an Ancestral Healing is to…

  1. Provide an overview of the current karmic scenario for you to understand why you’re meeting specific challenges in life (where they originated from)

  2. To facilitate the process of resolving such memories step by step.

Once you have completely resolved a memory back to Love, the process of clearing the related old energy from the chakra or chakras commences and after some time (usually some weeks) the path is cleared for you to experience life free from the previous challenges that arise from the karmic memory.

Major life changes are not uncommon as the “upgraded” chakra-system directly affects your perception of reality.

After a therapy session some of you may be asked to meet past unresolved experiences again in your physical day-to-day life so you can truly act from an open heart and see with your own eyes what happens when you choose Love in the face of challenging experiences.


“Having tried a number of different alternative therapies for an on-going problem with my shoulder, I was finally referred to Heather. I attended my first visit, unsure as to quite what to expect and was extremely impressed with Heather’s warm yet professional manner. She put me completely at ease and explained the process very clearly. From that point on I almost felt like an observer. Heather worked with the deeper levels of my consciousness unravelling things I barely even knew were there, because I had hidden them away so effectively. I could hear myself responding to questions, without really being aware that I even knew the answers. For those of you that have tried alternative treatments I would compare it to kinesiology for the soul!

I hadn’t quite appreciated how much past emotional events could cause physical dysfunction and pain and so had been trying to treat my symptoms on a physical level. With Heather I was able to reach below the embedded pattern and clear the underlying issues and memories leaving me free to move forward in a completely unhindered way. My life is so different from where I was only 18 months ago, before my programme of treatment with Heather. I have left a difficult working environment and am setting up in business with a colleague. I have moved house and my relationships with my family have dramatically improved. I can wholeheartedly recommend Heather to anyone struggling to break negative patterns that they feel are holding them back from realising their true potential.” J. M. 

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