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Self aware, Self determined & Self empowered

This month it’s time to be self-aware, self-determined, and self-empowered and that’s what the energy of May is all about. So surrender to the transformation, let your bygones go on by, set your course for the peace, joy, love, and prosperity you want for yourself and extend that for all of humanity.

What is important to you?

If you are not sure, then being in nature is the best way to give yourself space from the hustle and bustle, from the overwhelming pressures of life.. from the demands of others, connecting with Mother Earth and feeling present with the surroundings can really give you a boost in your life..allow the stress to just drain away.

Are you being kind to yourself and giving yourself the breaks when you’re needing them and listening to what your inner being really needs?

If we don’t listen to our inner being, it can affect our happiness life becomes one big stressful mess and we end up becoming resentful to the things we are serving because we are not listening to our own inner guidance and voice.

Give it go and take a step to get clear how you can start to follow your own guidance and voice.

Lisa Michaels & Heather Prince

I am co-founder of the Hunch Club and  here is the link to watch our free mini webinar to help you make the best decisions… and invite you to join our simple 6-week course.  If you watch till the end, you’ll receive our free gift!

We’ve been getting messages from people telling us they’d love to watch it, but they haven’t yet because — hesitations.

We so get it!

Maybe some of the things holding you back from taking this next step towards trusting your own gut instinct are the same things that held us back when we first started our own journeys.

Of course, there was the feeling terrified of failing, feeling like goals were way out of reach with our limited time and resources (ever felt too busy to stop being too busy?), and honestly just being so uncertain and unsure of everything.

Maybe those resonate with you, too? Well, here’s what we’ve learned about some of our biggest hesitations.

If you feel like…

You don’t have time:

Here’s the thing, you don’t have the time to NOT start working on this now.

Our super-fast culture teaches us that we need to have everything figured out already, right? There’s not enough time to take more time (!!!) to get clear, we just got to find the right direction and plow ahead. Thing is, if you slow down and tune into your values and take action from that place, you’re going to save time in the long run by eliminating the trial and error approach to living.

We’ll literally help you slow down, tune into yourself and your deepest held values and take action in your life from that sweet and tender spot.

“At first I wasn’t sure if the course was right for me, but in the end it was just right. It felt Iike personalized coaching at your own pace with a supportive group and live check-ins to supplement it all!” Mellissa

You’re afraid:

Oh yeah, fear. No one really gets around this one without just going through it. Both of us have been scared of what our families would think (and they had thoughts!), that we’d fail (fail at our own healing, at supporting others, you name it we’ve had it!), that we weren’t good enough (that one’s popular). But if you don’t try you might always wonder what could’ve changed.

What if that crippling fear wasn’t controlling you? What leaps are you dying to make?

We bet that the desire to make this change is bigger than your fear. If it’s not, that’s ok, it might not be the right time for you and this work.

If the desire IS greater though, you deserve to give yourself the opportunity to change.

You have tried before and it didn’t work:

So you’ve tried reading all the books and the blogs and you don’t know why this will be any different.

This course experience is different because we’ll be right there with you.

We’ve also been right where you are and we designed this 6 week course to help you trust your own inner compass and trust your inner guidance. To dance with that inner critic, not just get trampled on by it. To appreciate tough love from the universe as a form of firm and loving guidance that you need. To create and hold those clear boundaries like your life depends on it, because sometimes it does

Follow @thehunchclub for intuitive guidance and how igniting the power of your intuitive mind will enhance all areas of your life to live to your full potential.


P. S  Here are ways to work with me …

1  Grab a copy of my free eBook

This is a great starting point for those looking for better ways to… transform their own life experience.  In order to do that, we need to understand how our ancestors could be affecting us now…. this book alone could transform how you transform how you experience life from the inside – out.  Click to read more 

2.  Work with me and my team privately in my 3 month Core Transformation Program.

If you’d like to work directly with me and my team (as well as clearing your Akashic Records with me, you will receive a Numerology Map for your business or life plus an intuitive life reading) so we can take you from where you are right now to where you want to be instead… just email me and put “Private” in the subject line… tell me a little about your life and circumstances and what you’d like to work on together and I’ll get you all the details.

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