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Secrets to fix your insides to match your outsides

Are you the type of person who seems to have it all together, but your insides don’t seem to match your outsides?

Do you feel that your self image is out of alignment with the picture you project to the outside world?

Eventually this will impact on your life in ways that you may not realise.

Let me explain.

Heather Prince

It’s not your fault that you can’t enjoy your life, despite your successes.  I know how it feels to have something standing in your way.

Sarah was an incredibly successful business woman running a network of companies.  To the casual observer Sarah had it all.  A fabulous life, glamorous holidays, a doting husband, grown up children and grandchildren.

She was living a life most of us dream of… but all was not as it seemed.

Deep down, under her immaculate mask was a woman with extremely low self image.  Sarah didn’t believe she deserved the luxuries that life had afforded her.  She was constantly trying to prove her worth, both to herself and others.

low self esteem

This self-doubt was standing in the way of Sarah’s happiness, stopping her from enjoying her hard-won success.

Sarah contacted me on recommendation from a friend.  We worked together in the Core Transformation program and the results were transformative for Sarah.

Using a dowsing crystal and over 30 charts, I was able to connect to higher consciousness (High Self) who was able to identify that Sarah’s ancestry held shadows that were affecting her in the current life. Plus past life energies and negative beliefs.

All of this was written in a full report, sent to her via email and was followed up with a session to answer all her questions.

Clearing her Akashic Records (Soul Records) allowed Sarah’s High Self to remove the ancestral shadows, she had inherited – of Poverty and Abandonment  PLUS…

Old beliefs of-:

I fear my own success

I need your approval

Life is a struggle


… programs, including Unforgiveness that were  blocking her path to fulfilment, because we discovered that her potentials were…

positive potentials  – Self-forgiveness, Sincerity and Wisdom

negative potentials – Self Destruction, Depression and Helplessness (that were playing out in her life)

The negative potentials were dominant in her sub-conscious and needed to be cleared so the positive potentials could manifest.

The Core Transformation Program included a 12-month Numerology Report to show Sarah what to do for the following year, plus it included an Intuitive Telephone Reading with a brilliant clairvoyant.

Sarah was delighted by the outcome of her program and went on to win a prestigious award in her field.

She now works with me regularly every six months to clear anything else that comes up and prevents her from moving towards her full potential.

Ancestral Healing is for you if:

  1. none of the usual strategies or tools have worked to generate good health & vitality

  2. you wish to be well grounded (exhibiting good judgement)

  3. wish to feel comfortable in your body

  4. you wish to feel a sense of trust in the world

  5. you are aiming to feel safe and secure

  6. you wish to have the ability to relax and be still

  7. you are seeking stability

  8. you’re sick having “not enough”

  9. wish to do fulfilling work and be well compensated for it.

Working with me could be life-changing for you, so get in touch for a FREE Clarity Conversation, once you have read my FREE eBook

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