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Ready to bee “Queen Bee”?

Are you SO BUSY that you’ve lost your way?

It’s time now for new adventures.  Can you relate at all?

It’s time to change environment.  I had to get out of my comfort zone.  I had to ENGAGE with the real world more and step away from the computer, so I’ve been to Rhodes resting, relaxing and reflecting on my clients needs. 


Many of my clients, women entrepreneurs, have emotional wounds from primary relationships, such as those with mothers and fathers, going back down the ancestral lines. They can run very deep and stand in the way of experiencing  joy and happiness.

Have you often felt:




….due to what happened to you growing up?

Are you feeling confused as to why your relationships don’t work and no matter how hard you try, unhealthy patterns repeat themselves at work and in your relationships?

A mistrust of men?

Like a piece of yourself is missing or your childhood was sad, lonely or miserable.

Negative emotions cause far more harm than we realise.  In addition to making us miserable, they can cause undesirable effects in our daily lives, problems in our relationships and even physical illness.  Discontent can be very harmful to you.  To wish to improve your life is a good thing; to harbour resentment and frustration because things are not as you would like them to be is not.

However, negative emotions can be turned into positive effects, if we approach them with the right mental attitude.

If you are not happy with your life, work out ways in which you could improve it.  Instead of suffering resentment, take positive action.  Allow the things to make you angry and frustrated to become reasons for making a change.

So my question for you is…

What kind of results do YOU want to create?

Do you want to create results out of lack, scarcity and longing?

Or would you like to create results that leave you feeling empowered, inspired and accomplished?

Are you happy with what you see?

Or is your life draining your happiness and holding you back from you?

A chance to get real clarity on what needs to happen to take your life to the next level.

Getting really clear on your desired goals

What you need to let go….





anxiety etc.

So you can hit September knowing your goals.

August is the perfect time to do this so lets chat

Book your FREE 121 discovery call with me

I look forward to chatting to you!

Big Love

Heather  x

P. S. 


I WILL BE LIVE ON PHOENIX RADIO (Harlow) on Monday 21st August

Health & Well Being

7.30pm – 9pm

You can find the live stream via the following link:

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