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Radical Change

November 2016 is a dynamic month, for those who want to make a radical change in their own lives or in society.

It’s a month to get involved, to do concrete things, because there’s extra energy that if not used might manifest in chaotic and destructive ways.

It may be the time to make a radical change in your relationship with people.

More times than not, people interact with other people at their own personal comfort level. They reach out to people the way they want to be interacted with. If they don’t want people to dig deeply into their personal life, they keep things shallow. But if they want to have others know their own deepest feelings and thoughts, they must open themselves up and become vulnerable.

And to do that, they must first Love Themselves!

November is the month to…..

Notice where all-or-nothing choices tend to occur in your life. In which area(s) of your life do you tend to go to extremes?

Also notice where you are addicted or obsessed with certain outcomes in your life.

Pay attention to how certain things in your life are coming to an end…and consider what they may be clearing space for. What may be coming to you in their place(s)?

And most important, notice which subjects or matters in our life feel the most vulnerable for you. What are you afraid to let go of in this area of your life? What are you afraid will come in its place? Who are you afraid you will or won’t become if you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

Please do write to me and let me know your answers.

WATCH MY VLOG with guest appearance from my puppy Angel…….

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