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I’ve been focusing lately on boosting your Self Worth/Self Esteem and in my last blog I gave the links to my facebook lives regarding your Professional Path, Spiritual Connection, Mental Treasure Chest, Physical Well being and Intimate Relations.  On Sunday 5th November I spoke about the importance of Boundaries 

I also mentioned the relationships you have in life, mirror the relationship you have with yourself.  So I have created an ONLINE 7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge that can be done in your own space and time….

Still unsure whether it’s for you?  Well, let me tell you about Holly.

She did not feel that her friends were loving and felt left out of dinner/party invitations.  When she saw their posts on social media, where she hadn’t been included, she felt sad and angry.  Her husband was disrespectful and took her for granted, was a workaholic, rarely complimented her or made her feel valued.  Her two daughters were always finding fault in the clothes she wore or the meals she cooked.  She just didn’t feel that friends or family accepted her just as she is.  She always felt they were ‘picking on her’ about her hair, her clothes and the job she did.  Her parents had died 10 years ago and she didn’t feel the compassion from others, about the huge void, that they had left.  Customers she dealt with were rude and patronising.  Everything felt out of balance!  What was going on?

Working together, I asked Holly what would it feel truly like if she could imagine every relationship in her life to be loving, respectful, accepting and compassionate.  She closed her eyes and tears streamed down her face.  “It would be incredible” she whispered.  Working through the 7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge, she changed herself and therefore everyone around her was affected, because when she loved and respected herself, her boundaries of what was acceptable went up and she no longer tolerated being taken for granted or under-valued.

Now, let me share with you all about Amanda.  She had been struggling to get a man to fully BE in a relationship with her – to commit his heart and his mind to her – to fall “IN love” with her and not just “love her,” – which is why she had left her marriage in the first place.  Her needs of love and adoration were not being met.

Now her husband was in a happy new relationship and she wasn’t!    She knew there just had to be some way to make this kind of true love happen for her, but she just hadn’t found it yet, until she worked with me.

She knew for sure that what she had been doing – in fact, what she had always done – wasn’t working.

She felt stuck and I know she is not alone.  Amanda would get involved with one man too quickly.  Give him her whole heart – although he hadn’t said that he was ready for a relationship and wasn’t in love with her – and then she would get her heart broken!  Amanda was her own worst enemy.

What she thought was the way forward, was in fact not working and she didn’t understand why, until we explored the key blocks to her experiencing a successful relationship with a man and indeed loving, respectful, accepting relationships with her daughters, friends and colleagues too! Working through the 7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge, she changed herself and is now in a fulfilling, loving relationship.

I must also mention Robert.  He felt in conflict with his work colleagues and not valued by his bosses.  He did not feel in a loving relationship with his wife and felt she did not respect his input into working to keep their home well kept, the bills paid, the garden maintained and running 2 cars.  His children treated him like a bank and he rarely spent valuable time with them.  He didn’t know how to put anything back into balance, until he worked with me.

So what about you?  Take a moment and imagine every relationship in your life to be loving, respectful, accepting and compassionate.  Friends, family, colleagues and even people you have yet to meet.

What would that truly feel like?  In your mind, just imagine that right now.  Really bring it to life in your mind’s eye vividly.  See yourself experiencing sincere, honest and loving relationships in all areas of your life. Does it bring a tear to your eye?

What if you could truly experience that?

What would that be worth to you?

Working with Holly, Amanda and Robert, we discovered the keys to unlocking loving, respectful, accepting and compassionate relationships.  Would you like to discover them too?

I wish to show you that every relationship is a reflection of how you relate and interact with yourself. Your relationship with a friend shows you just as much about your ‘self -relationship’ as an interaction you have with a stranger. Each relationship and interaction are different, yet they each give you the opportunity to realise how much you love, accept, and honour yourself.

Are you curious to know what is blocking you from allowing inner relationships to reflect compassion, acceptance, honour and love?

Plus what is blocking you from allowing these inner relationships to be in balance and harmony?

And what blocks you from expressing self-love in your every action and thought

If yes, this Challenge will show you to how to remove your blocks and re-balance your life … CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO JOIN THIS ONLINE CHALLENGE

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