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Learn how to tune into energy to change your understanding

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

How sensitive are you to the energy of people or things?

Do you ever notice the energy of a room?

Understanding how energy works has been an important study to consistently up-level my life and business.

Not only am I aware of the energy that’s coming off of me when I work with clients, I’m also aware in my everyday life. Every time you interact with someone, you are also sharing energy with him or her.  The practice is becoming aware of when you are in your own energy vs. someone else’s (this takes time and additional practice). When you learn to master your own energy and invite others into your space, your whole world can positively change. Have you ever noticed when someone says they are feeling great but you can tell they aren’t feeling that great?  If so, you are tuned into their energy behind there words! Trust their energy vs. their words.

I invite you to play with this as you watch TV or view people online…

Can you tell when their words aren’t matching their energy?

Whether you’re in conversation with others in business or chatting to friends/family, it’s not what you are saying that matters most. It’s the ENERGY you bring to the conversation. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions all carry energy. Once all of those align and you speak your truth from a place of love, people will feel your authenticity and be drawn to you.

heart connection

1 – physical (attraction, genetic quality, basic need to mate and procreate) 2 – emotional (being in love, having feelings, seduction, caring) 3 – psychological (valuing attributes – personality, intelligence, social status) 4 – spiritual

These layers are as if contained within each other, like the layers of an onion. So you can have an emotional attraction that also includes physical love. However, an “inside” layer may not be included – or be misaligned – within an “outer” layer, for example, valuing someone’s personality but not being “in love”, or being in love with someone who is “wrong” at a social status level.

Also applies to non-romantic relationships.

To have a spiritual connection means that there is a connection at layer 4. This is a spiritual layer, which you only ever come in touch with it (you only realise it) when you meet someone who makes you realise that it exists. Otherwise, you may believe it’s “nonsense” or that’s an invention. It isn’t.

Spiritual connections are either there, or they aren’t. It’s a matter of family connections and bonding at spirit (metaphysical) levels.

Layers 1-3 relate more to the human low-ish side of relationships, meaning in terms of raw physical attraction for biological procreation, raw emotions (which can generate drama and attachment if you govern yourself by these alone), and so forth.

This doesn’t mean layers 1-3 are “wrong” or inappropriate. It means they can either be aligned with the 4th, or not. So as a human you can function at levels 1-3, or you can function mainly from the 4th one, and then work to align the others below it.

As the famous Maya Angelou says, “People may not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

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