Intuition and self-care

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I have had such fun creating the HOW TO IGNITE THE POWER OF YOUR INTUITIVE MIND online 6-week program.


As the Rootmaster, I love to get to the core root and when it comes right down to it, we can only trust our intuition as much as we trust ourselves.


Our intuition, comes from our second brain, our gut.  And we often refer to it as our ‘gut instinct’.

Does this resonate:

It’s been a tough morning. Your internet was playing up and you were late for a late for a crucial zoom meeting and now your boss is mad at you. Come lunchtime you open the fridge, ignore the salad and pick up the stodge. You can’t help yourself – at times of stress the brain encourages us to seek out comfort foods. That much is well known. What you probably don’t know, though, is that the real culprit may not be the brain in your skull but your other brain.

Yes, that’s right, your other brain. Your body contains a separate nervous system that is so complex it has been dubbed the second brain. It comprises an estimated 500 million neurons – about five times as many as in the brain of a rat – and is around 9 metres long, stretching from your oesophagus to your anus. It is this brain that could be responsible for your craving under stress for crisps, chocolate and cake.

Now it seems it also plays an important role in our physical and mental well-being. It can work both independently of and in conjunction with the brain in your head and, although you are not conscious of your gut “thinking”, the ENS (enteric nervous system) helps you sense environmental threats, and then influences your response.

So let’s focus on this question:

Do you trust yourself to give yourself the information and guidance you need to create what you want?

The guidance we are seeking, all the answers we could ever want or need, are already available to us because within us is our inner compass, our gut instinct.

What if receiving guidance is as simple as trusting ourselves to know exactly what we need to know, exactly when we truly need it?

What if all of our seeking and searching for guidance is an expression of mistrust that does nothing but create separation from the certainty we are looking and longing for?

Our mind loves its questions. It loves the search for information and understanding. The mind is constantly hunting for more “food for thought.” That is its role – to think. Trying to stop the mind from thinking is a completely unreasonable endeavour. The mind is just doing its job.


Or we can simply be at peace with our questions, trusting ourselves to reveal the answers we need, when we need them, in perfect and Divine timing.

Self-trust is important in life, so we can trust the answers to our questions and know that we have made a decision that is for our own highest good.

If you can imagine that within us is an oasis of inner harmony that keeps us sane and self-trust is a fountain that overflows the oasis.

When our inner harmony thrives, so does our happiness and fulfilment.

It is vital to make consistent deposits into your self-trust bank ac­count, even if they are small ones, of integrity (like a watering can) adding to the self-trust fountain.

Being true to yourself. We are living in a unique time when we need to honour ourselves.

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